Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's been four years

The last post in my blog is just before christmas on the 21st of December. Its high time that I rekindled my passion for writing and blogging, hopefully something that I have not lost over the years.
So my blog has a new name , time for the blooms to go away to reflect more about me , myself and Irene my world , is-as-is-me !

When I revisit my four years , the one thing that has turned my world upside down is my daughter Kv who at 1.5 years of age runs our whole family literally; everything revolves around her all the time. 

The fun shopping that I used to enjoy has become a scheduled one. The number of movies that J & I used to catch up in the cinemas is now a single digit.I do not have the luxury of a lazy Sunday and I cannot begin to write about how much I envy my pre-four year old for her 8 hours straight sleep :) But no , I would never for a single minute -well may be for a split nano second ;) )- swap it to go back in time. I love being a mother , I love my additional responsibilities.I am becoming a better person by learning a lot from her innocence. 

Okay , enough baby talk.Certainly that was not the only thing that happened in the four years.I had the opportunity to visit a majority of Europe from the romantic Paris city to the arctic side of the Scandinavia , I enjoyed all the scenic beauty. That's something to strike off the list.

And finally the world has changed a lot too , but you know that already , don't you ? Let me end the post with one of my memorable picture from the arctic circle in Norway !!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas trees

My first try from blogger mobile . It is a nice way to start with Christmas trees that I captured in Dublin city.