Sunday, February 7, 2010

A change

As I look out of the window, there is the sun shining all along the horizon and birds are chirping happily.
At this time of the day a month back, this will look like a deserted arena,gloomy and dark after sunset. How I hated that time of the year. It was so different from a lively country like India.

But this is not the change that I'm going to pen in today. Its a change in my career...a milestone...a small one!

A few weeks back , after the new year of 2010 began, my first decision had been to write a mail to my manager with the subject "Resignation". Yes I have officially resigned from the services of the company in which I had been residing for 4+ years. And unlike the last time, I now do not have a job that I look forward to. I am perfectly jobless right now.

Some people call me crazy, some people envy me while my well wishers appreciate and feel happy for me. Most importantly I feel very very happy to have taken the role of the devoted wife who cannot bear the pain of leaving her husbnad and so does J.(or so he says ;)..)  Just kidding!! He was the most supportive husband in this whole job thingy.

The resignation process in itself was less painful for me, having done the the whole thing remotely sitting in the US. And thankful to the friends who took over in all the formalities on my behalf.

All in all , I am enjoying the break I have taken to the core. And I know that this is going to be a refreshing break once I start my career again.

I bet I need to have a resolution to update my blog regularly.

As far as the picture above,it was taken in a Butterfly house.The butterflies were fed with honey.Spoon feeding butterflies huh?