Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is that you ?

We went to a temple function sometime back on a weekend. Both of us are not that pious people to talk about, but then here in the US these things are another excuse to meet your friends and see an Indianised place and eat the free food :).

We were all waiting in line to get our "free lunch", when a lady with a small kid comes to me,
"Excuse me.. are you tamil?"
"Are you from this college?"
"Yes I am.. are you from there too..?"
"Yes.. "
She then tells me that she is my junior and even remembers my name. I honestly couldn't place her ,forget the name. I felt very bad. So I say in my best possible way,
"I'm really sorry ..I'm unable to place you.. "
"Thats ok.. we used to be with these people.. "
she says giving references and I'm kind of knowing her, when she immediatly comes back,
"You used to be very fat in college? How did you become thin ?"
I have been getting this question from every single soul in my college whom I have caught up over orkut or met occasionally.
People in my office would be surprised to find this question being asked and the same holds true to my friends from school.
I remember when I met a good old school friend after nearly 8 long years , he told me
 "You just look the same as you were in school"
Yeah thats me. Somehow between my school and corporate life i.e my four years of college life I gained weight & became a fatty :)  !
 A friend joked about this one day telling 
"Thats why you got committed in office and not in college ! ;)"
Funny huh ?
The transformation either way was not voluntary. 
When I started working , I suddenly lost  all my weight and slowly moved to my school day size !
I think I might be the only person to have gained weight spending the days in a college hostel.
Whatever happened , I never knew why or for what ?  But I'm fine with the way it is.
When I started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S , I was able to connect myself with the character "Monica" and how she was a fatty in her High school days. If you watch FRIENDS you know what I am talking about.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving around the Earth !

Couple of our friends moved to Atlanta, LA and Texas all scattered across the same country!

These days moving does not seem to be such a big problem with Los Angeles Office Movers or any Movers featured in your local area listing.
You call these guys , pay some cash and you sit back and relax. The job is done neatly without mess and most importantly- tension free.
But I remember those days when we had to dedicate couple of days or weeks sometimes packing and dusting..whew! 
Am I glad to say "Gone are those days!"

With my dad being in a highly transferable bank job, we had to shift from places to places every three years or so. Thats how I ended up being in 6 schools in my 12 years !!

When I entered my college , I used to envy people who went to the same school year after year and had a tearful farewell at the end.

I did have the advantage of having many friends in different locations. Yet it is no fun at times when you are not able to meet them often.
Being a kid gives you lot of privilege as we know ;).. no worries regarding any movement. Remember when mom used to tell me to pack up my toys and dresses , but sometimes I do procrastinate and finally my parents used to do on their own. 
(There are times that I am a good girl too ! )

Now that I think of it, man that would have been really tough for them to manage.
Wish there were more movers then . I could have helped by calling them..hehehe :)

If you ever wanted a helping hand to move your stuff across the Earth , would like to give you some pointers to Moving Companies Los Angeles -1-800-431-3920 who help with your packing and moving. You save your time and energy to have a safe landing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is just a direct post about this movie that I saw this weekend.

Few months back, I did get a forward mail with innumerable pictures regarding the movie. It was indeed spectacular, the pictures looked awesome and that was when I had a peek in this phenomenon as such. As it states here in this site,there goes a theory which says that the Earth becomes a complete zero on December 21,2012!

2012,the movie is a film based on this theory. The plot goes round you so well that you dont have the time to think about the logic :P Ofcourse who cares for logic when you are entertained a whole three hours right? 
Yes, I'm not kidding this is a full length movie like our Indian films!(minus the songs indeed)

What to look for in the movie,
a visual treat that you can never imagine,
some names & theories which you have come across
drama here and there
nothing sad all happy ending :)

Mind you, never be logical to love this movie.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I were a baby again

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I heard the alarm say "Tring Tring..Tring Tring.." I'm confused, is it not supposed to say "Cuckoo Cuckoo" like I configured that day with so much pain. Damn you electronics! Time to wake up and put on my kettle to boil. Thank god it is a weekend!

I'm feeling lifted, this feels damn good. Yeah like in a smooth roller coaster.. Hmm.. heavenly... Huh there is mom. She is looking very pretty today. Oh yeah I'm not wearing my contacts !
Excuse me did I say mom? Isnt she supposed to be sitting in India probably cooking a good dinner. Oh man sometimes I can be very dreamy or may be I'm not.I'm wearing a frilly dolly dress and looking like a ...errr..BABY!!

Should I say yipee or should I cry. And let me see .. the calendar shows 1983 !
(And yeah there goes my age..)
Whew you daisy blue so much for suggesting the topic!

Now that I'm a baby,I might as well as enjoy this. What more, I am a collaboration of 2009 in 1983.
So here I am, being pampered by well,  whew, so many people in here. Looks like so much fun,with balloons all over. Wonder what this is all about. May be a party !

Oh there comes my Grandmom, wish she was alive now. She used to give me the best sweets ever. 
By the way thats my name in the wall.. and its a birthday banner. How stupid of me not to notice the date in the calendar. Its my day.. Hurray !!!

This feels so nice and here is my uncle taking my pictures in a Kodak camera. Here comes my dad with his big mustache.And thank god he took that away in the later years.

I cant recognise many people here. I'm not supposed to recognise right? I'm a baby.

What is that big lady doing in here? Oh no dont feed me , my stomach feels heavy. No no..Please..Oh oh..Yuck ! I'm sorry..but you didnt leave me any choice other than puke!

Hmm.. this is exciting , 
I can do whatever I want ,yet noone looks at me weirdly. 
I eat what I want and I do not bother if I'm fat.
I dont have to strain my legs and walk miles, someone is always there to carry me.
May be I dont wear what I want, but definitely I talk what I want.
No exams,no resumes and no emails.
No cellphones ringing,no laptops clicking and no TVs yelling.I can really live without these.

Life is going good.
Hey I'm cutting a cake, its not a black Forest or a Dark chocolate its a simple plain vanilla cake with a candle on it. And here comes my first doll.
Its lovely and I am the princess.

"Cuckoo..Cuckoo" there goes my alarm.I get up and put my kettle on.
"Hey you have got cake on your face. Where did you go,a birthday party?" J asks.
"May be.................????? " I reply back with a perplexed smile.

P.S : This short fiction is inspired by the movie "17 Again"

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