Monday, December 31, 2007

A tribute

She was fresh out of college -apprehensive yet bold when she joined her work place. People feared her sincerity and admired her helping hand.
She never knew the concept of multitasking in computer terms but she did the exact thing by balancing between
her work,family apart from being a writer and a good singer.

After working for nearly twenty eight years and setting an example for many people including me, she has taken voluntary retirement from her service. When friends and colleagues appreciated & praised her on the graceful occasion,she was moved to tears.
Expressing her gratitude for all her colleagues and thanking her husband and family she stood like a shining star on the stage.

This post is dedicated to my sweet mom who recently retired from BSNL after working for 28 years & to my wonderful dad for supporting her throughout.

Love you both!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Back to days of October

October 29th

A traditional welcome with flowers and sandalwood, a welcome Karakaatam dance(a folk dance in Tamilnadu),a bangle shop ,men and women in sarees and dhotis formed the entrance - not to a village but to Hotel Green Park in Chennai.

The village aroma spread everywhere and all of us where part of it as we celebrated our company's annual day.The event had the concept of village for which the preparations started around two weeks back. We were split up into 4 teams based on colors Red as Redipatti, Yellow as Peelapuram, Pink as Pinkaloor and Green as Tirupachi. The event day centered around four major events - Dance, a short film trailer for 5 minutes, fashion show and a group song.

We traveled way back to good old school and college days and whistles, hooting & cheering were a part of the daily work schedule.We spent long hours to first decide a theme for the movie, analyze it, decide the write up, dialogues, characters, music etc...We even had a one day shoot out in a village for the 5 minute movie. My god... movie making is not a joke.If a five minute movie needs such long dedication the real pains for a three hour movie and that too when it’s your bread earner!! I vowed not to watch movies in pirated DVDs anymore.
A folk dance, fashion show casting milk man, farmer and dhobi, a village based movie all together it was a wonderful experience still lingering our minds. Not to forget the new found friends and well wishers.

Did my team win? Of course, I belonged to the RED team & we bagged two prizes.But does winning matter when it was like a refreshing rain amidst the hot sun?

P.S: I had wanted to write this post for so long (since Oct 29th of course) & finally made it. Better late than never :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He, She, It

The dials of the new titan watch in her wrist showed 9:10 am when she kick started her scooty pep plus.She was earlier than usual and she had all the reasons in the world to do that.
"Oh please don't make me superstitious", she told the fiery black cat that crossed her path.Yes, like any other Indian child she was taught by her grandmom about cats and their bad luck. Particularly today she never wanted anything to spoil her plans.
Straightening her black cross bag, she started off to work with a small smile in her face.

He was combing his hair for the third time in a span of five minutes.Bunch of shirts were lying down on his bed making a bright VIBGYOR. "Paint my love" by MLTR rocked the whole room with a thunderous effect.His lips were dancing along with the tune in a rhythm.After looking at the mirror for the nth time, he finally posed a smile of satisfaction and started off to work in his black pulsar bike.

***To be continued