Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Never say goodbye

Its 11:05 AM ,an hour since I reached office & I'm yet to start my work for the day. I've been checking my personal mails..checking my official mails.. scraps..and blogging ...& having my morning chats with friends..

I take a look at my left hand side & realize our missing friend...yesterday was his last working day. We gifted some goodies & had a cake cutting ceremony..its a pity that the cake never went into anyone's mouth.I had a good chocolate cream facial and cream hair massage!!
Yesterday's events kept me thinking about my last working days. Last working day in my previous company, last working day in college,last working in school. Wow what great difference over time!!

Last days in school always seem to be the toughest of all. You get autographs from teachers & friends.You rush to be the first one to get autograph from the popular & favorite miss. We had this culture of spilling ink over your school uniforms on the last exam.It used to be one of the best.

Speaking of fun,I remember throwing water balloons from the top floor to the girls sitting on the ground floor in hostel and we used to time it when the power goes off :-D!! Incidentally,my last day in hostel turned out to be very boring as our department exams were the last.

I've lost contact with many people. Its strange that we don't even know the whereabouts of few people with whom we spent four years of college/hostel life.
But thanks to Orkut I've regained so many buddies starting from school days.

I intend to be in touch with all my friends .. a small mail,message,scrap.. whatever ways.. I'm able to.
And now its time for work :-)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Expressions - 01

Expressions refer to a fiction series in this blog. This is the first part in the series.

"Look at her tiny
hands..there she is holding me adorable..Ummaahh"

" many times have I told you not to kiss her.. "
"Its okay honeybun know that my mouth is as fresh as a flower.. dont worry.." "There pants are wet again!!.. "

"Hahaha..that was a naughty little revenge for your daughter knows how to tackle her father already"

"No sweetheart that's my daughter.. my sweet Anjana..Anju"

" selfish idiot.. its our daughter & her name is not Anjana remember agreed to keep it as Aradhana.. & call her Dhanu.."

"No Anu... we still have to work on that.. and by the way dear.. one way she is your daughter..look at her yawning... lazy sleeper like you.. "
" need a good thrash "

Sidharth smiled looking at the picture he had clicked then.He had a very vivid memory.

Anu looked very beautiful that day with her loose hair & motherly look she looked like an angel.Little Anju was lying in her pink bed in her pink dress amidst pink pillows, all pink as decided and decorated by Anu!!

Sidharth still felt pride in winning the name Anjana...ofcourse he knew that Anu wouldn't want him to lose anyday. But now..after such long time with Anju in KG-I.. he has been defeated... and deserted.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome 2009 !!!

Happy new year 2009

Finally I have dusted my blog and penned down my first post of the year :-)
I wanted a very refreshing and energizing theme to kick start and yup was not disappointed. The theme from btemplates was just the one I needed!!

J and I celebrated the n
ew year's eve quietly in the hills of Munnar and eating the first cake of the year,

Back home, we started our morning walks in a near by park. A group of "senior citizens" practice their yoga under a tree,people play shuttle & they are more interested in their outfit than their game.Few folks gather around and start their laughter therapy like in Munnabhai in Hindi or Vasool Raja in Tamil.Poor fellows!! No fun in their lives that they do have to gather and generate laughter.

Ive started my cooking and that implies cooking recipes on my blog soon :)
Rangolis that decorate our house paths are coming to an end with Pongal(Sankaranthi) and thus the goes daily fun.

A.R Rahman has got the Golden Globe Award and brings laurel to the country.

Those of you in Chennai, I suggest you go and have a look at Chennai Sangamam before it ends. It is really a good initiative to all the artists across the state and a worth watching.