Thursday, August 7, 2008

A day to remember!!

It was around 7pm in the evening last Sunday and we headed to Marina beach with our family.We had never been to Marina beach this early in an evening on a weekend & I dont have any words to describe the crowd..!!! Hawkers occupied almost every single place available. Whatever happened to "Clean up Marina" by the government?

There were around eight of us & we had to really put oil into our eyes to search a place & sit.The water was a bit violent owing to new moon day.We played in the water for sometime & then started chatting happily enjoying the breeze.Not to forget that J & I had a small argument secretly amidst the gang ;).

A shabbily dressed man came with a monkey.Oh god..!! The monkey came near us & he made it do somersault & sang some movie numbers.I was eventually relieved when the guy left & then saw him doing the same with his next victim.J attended a call in between all this.There came a woman selling flowers followed by an elderly man who sold Coffee.

Then came a small boy selling "sundal"(an evening snack made with dal n spices). He would be hardly class five & was carrying a large vessel. He was pestering & sat near us. He was nagging that he had not sold a single piece since morning.I felt a little soft corner for that guy & by the time I thought that may be we should buy, he left from the place.

We sat for few more minutes & decided to move. Just as we stood up, J realized that his mobile was missing.It was nowhere near & then it striked us that he had kept his mobile down in the blanket on which we were sitting & this small guy has tactfully deviated us & taken it.
By this time rain was pouring heavily & we started searching frantically to trace the guy but all in vain.We tried calling the number & it rang twice after which it was switched off.We gave complaint in the beach police & left with worried faces.

We know the EMEI number,the police say that if the mobile is switched on we can trace it through cyber crime.All this only if they switch on the mobile.This will never happen. Thieves are always one step ahead!!

How eight adults sitting there were easily cheated by a small guy?If only these people show such intelligence in proper places we would not have lost an N70 nokia mobile.

Folks,beware, "Opportunity+Desire=Theft" !!