Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marriages made in ??

The other day I saw in a news site about a "Matrimony site" introducing a new feature. All big brags about the development of technology & how efficiently this matrimony site had utilized it.
Let me explain the great feature.They allow you to record your voice & upload it to your profile there. That means instead of just writing "Female,wheatish skin ,tall,pretty.... " you could now tell them with your sweet voice or use a friend who sounds like Shreya Ghoshal.
I just figured out what are the possible things that could be done with these match making sites:
  1. You could send lot of mails to the mail ids listed; out of some 10 atleast two would have given their real id.
  2. You could then send emails & exchange photos.
  3. Later get phone numbers and talk for hours.
  4. Now with the new technology you could use the site itself & load your voice messages.
  5. And finally you could arrange for a date & meet this cute girl/guy.(Thanks to the profile pic you could identify the "cute";unless you are blind,ofcourse)
  6. All this would turn out to be a perfect arrangement if & only if the profiles listed are true.
  7. No harm if it turns out to be fake, you need to just repeat steps 1 to 6 again.
Now do you guys see any difference between this and a guy/girl meeting in a chat room or orkut or even an online dating site??!
Another hypocrisy in our society evil

Smiley communication

Smileys are the most effective way to communicate.
A simple smiley is more than enough to express your happiness,sorrow, tell someone "dude,you suck ",congratulate a buddy or even express love. Does it hold true in all occasions?!
No, definitely not.
A classic example, someone using smileys in an official communication & that too in every goddamn sentence!!
  • Hi smile
  • Yes smile
  • Sure smile
  • Thanks smile
What a terrible overdose... !!mad

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Adding an image to the blog header

Earlier with Blogger, you had to tumble with the codes & use some { ,.img etc. to add a simple image to your header. And the worst part was that the image had to be hosted somewhere in the web.But now its possible to add an image to the header in just a click.So here are the steps to end up with a colorful header like mine.
  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click Layout under Manage.
  3. In the Elements that you find there you will have your header ;"Sweet scribblings" in my case.
  4. Click the edit link there & a popup will open.
  5. Browse your picture & add it or just give your web address(if you have it hosted).
  6. You can place it behind /instead of the title & description.
  7. Thats it,now your image is added to the header.
Pretty cool, right?cool

P.S :If you are unable to understand the steps mentioned above , you could have a peek at this screen cast that I found from blogger buzz.


I was reading an article about a movie in wikipedia when I noticed that the word "Yuppie" had a wiki link.
I never knew Yuppie had such a detailed meaning attached to it.
If you and me are sailing in the same boat then probably you also need to check this out here.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A story

It was a Monday morning and she was on her way to work . The sun was bright & its heat added fuel to the existing "Monday morning blues".

She looked preoccupied - apprehensive or embarrassed one could not figure that out for sure.She looked elegant in a green cotton kurta with a back collar and a cream churidar.A jute bag and a black square dialed watch complimented the attire.
People took a second look at her as she passed, but she never seemed to notice the thousand people around her.She was in her own world.
She closed her eyes & wished she had a time machine like in the movie
"Back to the future". She wasnt greedy to trace back so many years,she just wanted to travel back two days.
She wished she had listened to her mom's words & never been to that dreadful place.She remembered the room where she went,big & sophisticated it was -alright yet..Her memory was daunted with the big apparatus that she saw for the first time in her life & the chill atmosphere spiced up with a soothing music.

She reached her work place & her pace slowed. Her eyes wandered around trying to get a glimpse of some known face.
"Hey" she heard a cry. She recognised the voice of her colleague.
"Oh my God" she thought, "this is the moment"
"You look great with this new haircut, amazing!!"
"Thanks dear"

She hurried now with a bright face, full of confidence and glow & touched her
lovely curly black hair.
Indeed she got the first feedback for her short hairdo !!

P.S: A story after four solid months

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Man proposes

Marriage proposals,how do we imagine them?

A man carrying a bunch of roses in his hand, kneeling down with a ring & telling "Will you marry me my love"?(Now if you happened to be in front of the lady's door,do not forget to look up ; else you might end up proposing her mom or worst case her best friend mrgreen)

Or probably if the guy is a lot more romantic he would arrange a candle light dinner, have music band play & a big chocolate cake(extra..!!)

Or the romantic idea as in the Slice Ad - put a ring inside the cool drink
bottle (beware you need to be clever enough to act fast & execute this without your girl noticing)

May be a wild adventurer like actor Madhavan in the movie Rang De Basanti would
propose unexpectedly on the top of a hill (Ensure that your lady is not height-sick else she might act weird & puke at your very costly ring!!)

Wild imaginations huh?! is yet to come.Technology has spread its roots even in this romantic area.Recently came across this wiki article that enlists the odd proposals by today's geeks.Really Geeky!!

PS:Whatever method you use ,do not forget to top up with the big ring you guys!!wink

And thus ended my 50th blog post.

Monday, May 21, 2007

New gadget

I have a got a new mobile Sony Erricon k750i,with integrated 2 mega pixel camera, FM radio, MP3 player,blue tooth,infrared... The stuff is pretty cool though it has few disadvantages
  • Its a bit bulky
  • It has to be charged everyday
  • It gets heated at times
And here goes my all time favorite Calvin pasted on my wardrobe door mrgreen

Cheerful Morning

MONDAY, the boring day of the week.I was on my way to work and was caught up in the signal.
A bike in front of me was loaded with a couple & a small kid which sat comfortably on the lady's lap. My deep concentration on the signal got distracted by this kid who waved at me & called "sis" .
Not knowing any other possible good deed of a "sis", I smiled at him.(Its just a him I believe,by the dressing). He smiled back.Now that was getting interesting.I wanted to continue this small play & so I waved at him. He also waved back.We were doing this stuff in a loop, when all of a sudden,he turned and pointed his hand somewhere.

I looked all the way up & then realized he was referring to the plane. He was now clapping his hands in joy.I bet he would have been amused to see a large bird making weird noise in the sky,as much as he was by someone in a scooty with a helmet,gloves,sun glasses(Man, I would have given this poor child a fright!!

Just then the signal turned green and I went ahead telling a sayonara & he went off in search of his next sis or a now a bro?!
This small kid actually wanted to share his happiness genuinely with me;sometimes we need to learn a lot from these small creatures created by God.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Google has introduced yet another feature.With one click, you can view text,images,videos,maps,what not!!
Google-The great mrgreen

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Four years =1460 days(Calculating exactly with the quarter day is your pain!!)
What was it like to meet a bunch of people after these many days??That was my thought while attending the class reunion recently.The transformation from an immature student, financially dependent on parents to a responsible mature independent individual ,was seen in each & every person. Some had different hairdo(that included me too.. ),some with contact lens,some with a glass,some thin,some fat(now hope this wasnt me.. ) ,some bald!!

Very few were so different that it took few minutes to identify them.Though a major crowd was absorbed by the booming IT sector,there was a mixture of different fields like electronics,communication ,banks, even a lecturer & a bussiness magnet.
The path they took to attain these obviously vary. Some had to take a long path full of thorns while for others it had been a short rosy one!!

Think of a huge tree that branched out from the base and tried to reach different directions.Some branches stopped growing soon & stood short while few others continued to grow & tried to pierce the far away sky.Some even dared to take an entirely different path from the rest .
Such were the people who sat under the same roof & took similar lessons yet do not posses the slightest similarity in reality(Rhyming...... ) !!

Now I do remember a Calvin quote here, "Reality continues to ruin my life"
Ironic huh?!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Sang!!!!

Not in the bathroom but with a mike & few instruments in front of three judges after nearly 6 great years!!! Surprised ??! So Am I ..
Warning : This might be a boring post if you hate musictwisted
Recently my office guys launched this music club & sent out a mail for enthusiasts to register.
I acted like an enthusiast & registered.
But believe me people,I never knew then that I would be having something called "Audition".
So when Mr.H who had been the pillar behind this music club asked if I had selected the song for the audition I was really shocked.It was then that I re-read the mail again realizing "Oho..what have I done..??"
Later we had a subsequent mail confirming the presence which had the following points which made me panic :

  • Preliminary Audition @ Lakshman Sruthi Rehearsal Hall
  • Bring your own Track in a CD format
Now I deeply regretted my registering.I knew Lakshman Sruthi - it is a popular music troop. But their Rehearsal Hall - I never had even the slightest idea.I imagined a big stage & lazor eyes piercing me all over.Singing with a track also seemed Greek to me.
Yet I decided to take this & see where I stand after all these years.
Thus I ended up in the audition on that eventful Saturday.The rehearsal hall contradicted my imagination. It was a small room with some instruments & surround sounds(I don't even know the name of that.. .)

And the atmosphere was rather pretty cool. Those who qualified here, would sing in the next round with some external judges.I did my best & yup I did feel satisfied.
And have I moved to the next round??
I don't know if you had guessed it right, but God wished me to sing in the next roundbiggrin !!
All the best to me!!

P.S:Off late I have started using first letter to address other people.May be I have expanded my horizon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


There are certain incidents in life which we hear happening only for others.
Today I experienced one such thing!!
I was in the elevator returning from lunch.There were totally around 6 people including me. Just as the elevator started its descend ,BLANK, power cut. Total darkness.No air.Stuck between floors.Emergency button pressed.A bunch of people to the rescue. People pulled out breaking the doors.
But my friends,these sort of adventurous things ,sadly never
happened.Reality was entirely different. This elevator system in my office happened to have an emergency light inside.So darkness prevailed hardly for a second. Thus we were inside a dimly lit space!!Next the elevator tried to reach the nearest possible floor & moved up.Then it stopped & opened its doors for us!!
After all who cares if the elevator is slow, it has a good recovery mechanism!!!razz

Calvin & Hobbes

CnH never tires me. Bill Watterson is such a genius & here are some of his fabulous Calvin quotes :

"I'd hate to have a kid like me."

"Hello Dad! It is now three in the morning. Do you know where I am?"

"It seems like once people grow up, they have no idea what's cool"

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."

"Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?"

"Everybody I know needs a complete personality overhaul!"

"The best presents don't come in boxes."

"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world."

"It's only work if somebody makes you do it."

Since I'm unable to filter anything, I just stop here abruptly smile
For more check wikipage or here.

Monday, May 7, 2007


We were lying down on the terrace, which has now become the most perfect place to escape the heat.
When A says, "One of the brilliant girls in my class used to ask why do we see the stars only above us & not on all sides even though the Earth is surrounded by planets!?!"
Although I'm a great admirer of nature's beauty,I'm technically zero!!
So I keep quiet.
Now K says using some actions with her hands, "We are not aligned in the same direction , we are kind of " crosses her two hands " perpendicular.. "
A , " So that explains the gravitational force .. "
Though I show no interest to participate in this conversation ,I sense some kinship in the word "Gravitation " & so I turn & say "Huh??!"
K , "We are actually hanging u know.. thats why its like that.. "
"Oh .. ! "

This "Oh" ended the conversation then.
As for my understanding, it still remains the same.Blank as a wall.. ..
Any volunteer who could explain this to me in a very simple layman term is utmost welcome smile


Today's temperature is 99 degree Fahrenheit.Tomorrow 101 degree Fahrenheit.This is the reading in my Firefox forecast add-on.
Such a small figure but the impact?!
The distance between my house & office is just few kilometers & it takes hardly 15 minutes in normal traffic.
But the preparation that I undertake for this drive,hope you guys pity me.cry
  • First,I wear a sun screen lotion SPF 30 from Lotus herbals(Face is the index of the mind!!!)
  • Next,I cover my head with my dupatta(Having another apparatus for head drives me nuts & hence the dupatta)
  • A sunglass which serves 2 purposes- one to protect my lens & another to block the sun
  • The heavy black helmet which sits right on top & paves easy way for headaches
  • An old white khadi shirt of my grandpa to cover my remaining self
  • Not to mention a hand gloves that keeps my hands from sun bites
Does it end here, I wish it could but alas....
  • A socks to cover my feet ,sans which my leg will be a black hole!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jane Eyre

Classics, earlier the word would remind me of something as boring as eating a monotonous meal daily!! As always tastes change with time & I have first hand experience regarding that.
So now I'm into a classy mood traveling way back to the 18th century and with this book called "Jane Eyre" by the wonderful lady "Charlotte Bronte".Sadly this is my first classic in unabridged form having been an impatient reader in my earlier days.

The fact that I have started writing about the book even before I have consumed it fully,proves how much I have been moved by Jane Eyre!!
By this I don't just mean
the character but the whole music.Yes thats how I feel,book seem to be a rather dull adjective!!!
At first look the book would seem bulky and disinterest many impatient readers. But every page is a poetry and the author has made a point to cover all forms of emotions - agony,hatred,love,pride,passion,fear & yet to discover more..
I'm no one to write a review for such a wonderful book & about a beautiful ,strong author of whom I have become a great admirer
smile !!
I just leave it to the readers to find more about Jane Eyre & Charlotte Bronte.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


It was a lazy sunny afternoon & I overheard this conversation between two guys in the elevator.
" The lift seems very slow"
"Yeah lunch time "
"The lift is sleepy I guess"