Monday, May 7, 2007


Today's temperature is 99 degree Fahrenheit.Tomorrow 101 degree Fahrenheit.This is the reading in my Firefox forecast add-on.
Such a small figure but the impact?!
The distance between my house & office is just few kilometers & it takes hardly 15 minutes in normal traffic.
But the preparation that I undertake for this drive,hope you guys pity me.cry
  • First,I wear a sun screen lotion SPF 30 from Lotus herbals(Face is the index of the mind!!!)
  • Next,I cover my head with my dupatta(Having another apparatus for head drives me nuts & hence the dupatta)
  • A sunglass which serves 2 purposes- one to protect my lens & another to block the sun
  • The heavy black helmet which sits right on top & paves easy way for headaches
  • An old white khadi shirt of my grandpa to cover my remaining self
  • Not to mention a hand gloves that keeps my hands from sun bites
Does it end here, I wish it could but alas....
  • A socks to cover my feet ,sans which my leg will be a black hole!!!


Girish said...

ha ha ha.. funny.....sun screen lotion.. lolzzzz...

:: GoMaThY :: said...

Hehehe thats for girls :P

Devil's Advocate said...

hehehe.. i guess someone is getting money for giving ads..[:p]

P.S. :- And seems company doesn't want to waste the resource talent by giving them some work.. hehehe

:: GoMaThY :: said...

You should learn more about "Effective utilization" of time :P