Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Sang!!!!

Not in the bathroom but with a mike & few instruments in front of three judges after nearly 6 great years!!! Surprised ??! So Am I ..
Warning : This might be a boring post if you hate musictwisted
Recently my office guys launched this music club & sent out a mail for enthusiasts to register.
I acted like an enthusiast & registered.
But believe me people,I never knew then that I would be having something called "Audition".
So when Mr.H who had been the pillar behind this music club asked if I had selected the song for the audition I was really shocked.It was then that I re-read the mail again realizing "Oho..what have I done..??"
Later we had a subsequent mail confirming the presence which had the following points which made me panic :

  • Preliminary Audition @ Lakshman Sruthi Rehearsal Hall
  • Bring your own Track in a CD format
Now I deeply regretted my registering.I knew Lakshman Sruthi - it is a popular music troop. But their Rehearsal Hall - I never had even the slightest idea.I imagined a big stage & lazor eyes piercing me all over.Singing with a track also seemed Greek to me.
Yet I decided to take this & see where I stand after all these years.
Thus I ended up in the audition on that eventful Saturday.The rehearsal hall contradicted my imagination. It was a small room with some instruments & surround sounds(I don't even know the name of that.. .)

And the atmosphere was rather pretty cool. Those who qualified here, would sing in the next round with some external judges.I did my best & yup I did feel satisfied.
And have I moved to the next round??
I don't know if you had guessed it right, but God wished me to sing in the next roundbiggrin !!
All the best to me!!

P.S:Off late I have started using first letter to address other people.May be I have expanded my horizon.


Anonymous said...

may be you should have elaborated a little more on your rehearsals!! :D

Girish said...

hehehe...gud.. all the very best for next round.

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks :)

Devil's Advocate said...

he he he.. congratulations..

P.S. :- i think someone posted somewhere that she hates cat, but cats can be found in the list of most preferred smiley list... :P

ScRiBbLeR said...

May be I hate them so much to be ignorant of their smileys!!