Friday, December 11, 2009

The wisdomless me

Oh yeah thats what I am!
I have been silent for a long time. My silence is not only in the blog world but also in my real world. Ni i'm not under any depression or anything. I do wish I'm back to my normal life..doing my own chores and eating whatever I like. But for the all the bad reason I'm unable to ..because I had my wisdom teeth removed :(

It was an one hour surgery in which they had to remove both my upper and lower wisdom tooth. Thanks to the painful injection for numbness(?), the surgery was painless.

I never thought I would go on for nearly a week of pain and agony but here I am still not recovered,
I have to spill some beans here. The tooth removal was not owing to any decay in my tooth, which normally people think it is, it is the weird behaviour of my teeth growth. 

I'm no doctor to remember the medical term, but the context happens to be that my tooth has grown under my gums,producing it impossible to get cleaned and thereby producing infections resulting in pain often.

And thats why they were such strong teeth,and wisdom as well. This resulted in the doctor pouring in more tools and digging deep inside. 
Oh my how much calcium had I eatend to keep them so strong !
So here am finally a lot better but still craving for some crunchy chewy food!!!

In all these mess, my only consolation is the postponing on this operation owing to our trip to Florida. I couldn't have imagine me roaming around in Disneyland with my swollen mouth. That would have been a nice sight for the kids out there !
I was planning to write a post on my Florida trip which I will soon, I hope but for now I wanted to put in this unforgettable picture from Disneyland,