Friday, March 30, 2007

Catty Morning!!

It was that usual time in the morning & as a daily routine I went to the parking space in my PG & tried to take off the vehicle cover.
"Meowwwwwwwww" a cat jumped from inside!!!!!!
It was a an off-white one, with deep green eyes and it was VERY frightening !!!
Now I know the reason behind the paw marks in my I know why it is dusty & dirty daily!!
This cat has found its own cozy secret place;may be it needs to be alone away from its fellow mates; thats understandable - but damn it its my vehicle and I hate cats!!!!!
Now how do I bell this cat !!!confused

Friday, March 23, 2007


Reading my helmet post one of my friends commented that just because I could add smileys I had put a whole bunch there! Yes , its quite true !!
I had used smileys previously also , like in this post. But when I changed my template, smileys seem to appear with a box around them as if in a mirror !!
So , I reinstalled them again and found out that I had missed a small piece of code in my new template and now here my smileys again
Smileys can be obtained with grease monkey and a .js script as described here
Have a smiley day !!!cool

I'm becoming little techi in my blog with this 2nd blogging post .. !!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


When I bought my helmet almost a year back, I had no idea about them. I just went to a helmet shop in my street & tried different ones.The full closed helmets seemed very suffocating to me and so I ended up with something like this (Pardon me for the flag in the helmet ).Mine is a full black matching the vehicle color !! razz It was not a difficult task; I was easily carried away by the same type that Preity Zinta wears in a Scooty pep + Ad!! Don't ignore the PLUS as many do ; Scooty Pep + is some extra bucks more than Scooty pep! mad
Few months back, I noticed most of the people using something called helmet holder which holds your helmet to the vehicle so that you needn't carry it wherever you go! You can lock it safely too. I realized that I also needed one when one day I forgot to take my helmet while returning from a shop. I was lucky to get it back!!
But alas, I could not get the holder ; reason being that the holder needs a base to hold which is missing in my model !!!Damn, Preity Zinta Ad !! neutralneutral My helmet saga not over yet. Yesterday I went to the same shop in my street ,
Owner : What can I do for you ?
Me : Do you have helmet holders? (trying not to start abruptly ! )
Owner : No sorry madam, not in stock
Me: Err.. mm actually I bought this helmet here. Is it possible to exchange..,,th..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I wish

On the way to work I wish
  • There is no signal stoppage in the direction I go
  • The sun is partial towards me so that I don't get tanned
  • Sea breeze takes a ride with me
  • All the big buses and trucks vanish
  • The roads look beautiful without any potholes
  • No one yells at me for waiting till the signal turns green
  • No cab driver horns like hell for the few inches of space that I have blocked
  • No dog jumps in front causing me to issue a sudden break
  • There isn't a necessity to wear helmet or gloves or socks
  • Neither my scooty nor me get dirtied with the city dust

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A different look

My blog has a new look now,having spent some good amount googling! It was not an easy task arriving at this template;I have a very poor knowledge in blog designing.Having read & heard from people that wordpress offers better designs than blogger I signed up a wordpress account . My first concern was if it was possible to move my old posts and links from blogger to wordpress? After searching a bit I found that yes,it was very much possible and cool all my posts got transfered just like water flowing from one cup to another!
Next, comes the design part. As mentioned in each and every page I read about wordpress there are plenty of designs compared to And after trying almost everything, I finally settled with this one.
Then came the problem which I found very dissatisfying since I had put a good amount of effort in wordpress!! There is no option where you can edit your template to change your fonts or rearrange your elements.Simply you cant touch the html code! I'll list the reasons which made me to stick to
  • Fonts and colors can not be changed
  • Page elements can not be rearranged
  • Though there are huge templates ,to find one meeting all the requirements is difficult.
  • Using a custom image is also pretty lousy as the image places are always horizontal and lengthy.
I went no further than this to waste anymore time. So I quickly learned from blogcrowds about the new template designs available.Though they are not as vast as wordpress, they are customizable in every inch.Even a novice like me who does not have much knowledge in html or css can easily edit the code using the online help.
So thats my blog's new look , customized according to my needs.Simply and neat as I want !!
And the new addition is the scripting in हिंदी!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Little droplets make Ocean

How many of you reading this have been to Landmark?If yes, have you seen a small little box placed in all the bill counters?If someone asked me these Q's I would have also thought as you do now "Box what the heck.. " until this Saturday.
The box might be small but the purpose is very big. Yes they are for people willing to contribute towards charity.As I just dropped my small contribution in it,I noticed that there were hardly 2 other notes and wondered about the average visitors per day to landmark.!! Will this even amount to the 2% ??!
I tried to think in other perspective too;they might have just emptied the box. They could have already got a huge collection!!but, well,truth is sick!
Thinking back ,I noticed this same small box accidentally in Foodworld(spencer's daily) .Why I tell accidently you will know when you see that !!First of all they had kept the box in such an odd out of focus area and then on top it they had piled it up with so many chocolates & goodies!?!

Ok its true that even if 5% people notice these and contribute its great.But will not be better if percentage increases even by 1% ?
Hope the shop owners realize these and give more importance for the placement of these drop boxes. And for us we just need to look beyond the mouth-watering chocolates.
So next time you are in a shop like Landmark you know what to look for! And if you are charity-kind of person you will know how to react!!

You could also be one among the million droplets making the ocean!!!smile