Friday, March 23, 2007


Reading my helmet post one of my friends commented that just because I could add smileys I had put a whole bunch there! Yes , its quite true !!
I had used smileys previously also , like in this post. But when I changed my template, smileys seem to appear with a box around them as if in a mirror !!
So , I reinstalled them again and found out that I had missed a small piece of code in my new template and now here my smileys again
Smileys can be obtained with grease monkey and a .js script as described here
Have a smiley day !!!cool

I'm becoming little techi in my blog with this 2nd blogging post .. !!!

1 comment:

Virabrahmam said...

good! nice one....

u r always techi gomathy... nothing new there.. :)