Friday, August 31, 2007

Orkut strangers suck

Wish there is some mechanism to stop this shit.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Inspirational Blogger Award Contd.

Thanks for all the responses.

My first choice was very easy & she was the first person to comment.
Yes, its Honeybee for her spontaneity and humor. I had to give that to her.

I had difficulty in my second choice. With purpleheart on a vacation & santosh opting out I was looking at the rest of the comments.
I was startled at the similarity. All these guys think the same - THEY ARE GREAT

But atlast debating between Chriz & themahatma for commenting twice, I ended up giving this award to
themahathma, for the additional sense of humor.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bits n Pieces

Last night I felt like sending a goodnight message, I was in one of those forwardy moods,so I just sent this message,

Sleep tight,
Mosquito Bite!

And this is one of the replies,

Sleep tight,
Cockroach Bite!

Just can’t imagine a cockroach biting at night…yuckkk..!!

I had gone to a mall with my cousins, aged 10 & 11. I competed with them in a video game and failed miserably damn!

Last night my fellow flat mates used my hair as a fun tool to make weird hairstyles. I decided to do that on popular demandmrgreen .Well, it was not that bad after all!

We were watching a popular number from the tamil movie unnale unnale when this girl with a loud voice said,
“Why is she walking in an acute angle?”
I just couldn’t stop laughing. I was also wondering how to walk in right angle.

Yesterday I had sent a mail for a small charity contribution & I’m amazed at people’s response.Good souls still exist. Bless them all !

Friday, August 24, 2007

Inspirational Blogger Award

Silverneurotic has given me the inspirational blogger award.Thank you silver! biggrin
It comes with this cute badge ,

Now comes the big job of awarding to someone. Like Silver, I also feel that all of you people in my blog roll inspire in one way or the other. So I'm going to give the award based on your answers to this question,
"Do you think you are inspirational? If so why?"

The selection will be based on the content,humor & crispness.
I'll close this on Tuesday 28/08/07 11:00 AM IST.

P.S: If you feel this is silly, then please feel free not to comment

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love is life

It was a very small room & the sun rays from the comparatively large window illuminated it brightly. The single cot in the corner of the room was piled with bunch of clothes and books. The shelf beside the bed was hidden in dust accumulated over the months. One should have a really powerful microscopic eye to realize the artistic works on the wooden door that covered it.

A broken mirror was hanging in the wall and ants were crawling to make an outline of heart around it. There was an A4 size poster with the words “LOVE IS LIFE” scribbled in a very large odd unattractive font.

A large table occupied rest of the space and stood strong near the window. An old night lamp, few papers, a cigarette stub & a pen indicated some activity in the otherwise lonely gloomy looking room.

The pen was lifted by a hand that hesitated a moment. It took a paper and started writing

Dear My dear love,

No one has loved me so much. You are the best that has ever happened in my life.You have been very supportive in all my endeavors.

Yet I’m a failure today and I am really ashamed to be in such a position.As you read this letter, I would be out of reach very far from you.Yes my love, I have decided to take my life. I’m unable to satisfy you and I feel like a hurdle in your life.Wish you find a better match and lead a happy life like you always wanted.
Do not take pains to have a glimpse of me dear for I’m leaving dying without any trace in your life.

Your unlucky lover”

The hand now took another paper, tapped a little on the table and started writing again,

Dear My dear love,

No one has loved me so much. You are the best that has ever happened in my life.You have been very supportive in all my endeavors.

And today I’m coming to you as you had wanted. Yes my love, as you read this letter I miss you very much. We will lead a happy life in your beautiful house and travel the globe as you had always wanted.

Your lucky loving lover”

Having accomplished the task, the victorious hand sealed the former letter in an envelope addressed to Miss Rose,London and the latter addressed to Mrs.Lawrence,Sydney.

Yes, love(of money) is life.

Monday, August 20, 2007


No,this is not a post on Kumble hitting century. This is a special post dedicated to my blog. Yes my blog posts have hit century !!!

As I look back from my first test post to the latest poll post, I'm amazed at the increase in the run rate.100 posts in 11 months with a maximum number of 22 posts in the month of June & minimum of 1 in January,this blog has travelled a huge path.

Initial silly posts became more responsible(though not always) & entertaining.Depth lacking writings became well formed amateur stories.Dull plain posts became colorful posts with images & videos.Single digit comments became double digits(Thanks to all of you guys)

We read many blogs, but we tend to comment only a few. Why? because we like something there. So what do you like in this blog? The answer is not mandatory , but it might bring a smile on my face biggrin

Friday, August 17, 2007

Blog poll closed

Thanks for sparing a second to vote.
I'm not starting a separate blog for stories.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence Day!

Is really a good day for people like me who stay away from home.
You just need to do a mix & match with this holiday & yup you will end up having a wonderful vacation (Just like I extended weekendrazz)

Well,we actually live in an era
  • that would have been absent but for the pool of blood shed
  • where we are having the first woman President
  • where we celebrate the anniversaries of blasts
  • where we have Indian companies listed in NASDAQ
  • where Indian songs are listened worldwide
  • where our "cabinet fights" by politicians are aired all over the world
  • where we have films competing for the Oscars
  • where not a single day passes without some brutal murder
  • where our sports folks are making a mark
  • where the number of NRIs are trying to outnumber the RIs
  • where our yogas & asanas are in great demand
  • where engineers are charged for terrorism(& a failed one too)
  • where we are the largest democratic nation
  • where we still hold our only wonder
And on this 60th Independence day, I did the onething that I never do. I initiated a forward message "Happy 60th Independence day" & sent to a couple of fellow people.

Yes, I'm proud to be an Indian and the least I could do is blog about that.

Watch this amazing song by AR Rahman

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tagged !!

I have been tagged by
Jollyroger. So here goes my exploring myself again.
I'm supposed to post a few rules that you can find at the end of my eight random facts.

  • My blood group is AB1 +ive(rest of my family members are B +ive) and I'm yet to meet someone with the same
  • I love watching teenage shows like "Sabrina- The Teenage Witch" in Pogo.
  • I simply hate pets. Be it a dog or a cat or a rat.
  • I got good compliments(??) for my smile,so I always gave my best smile in photographs, until someone said , "Why are you smiling like this?! its terrifying!" . Now I have stopped showing all my teeth.
  • I hate papaya and thats probably one of the very few fruits that I don't like. Yes, I love most of the fruits , no kidding.
  • I love bathing; and in a place like Chennai this habit has helped me a lot.
  • I like to be frank with people close to me(most of the time) & wish they reciprocate the same (I'm in trouble huh!? )
  • I somehow don't like biscuits. Britannia Marie is the only biscuit that I like to eat.People think that I'm crazy!!
Rules for tagging :
1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.
And finally I tag the following people, (I'm excluding those who have
been tagged already)

Devil's Advocate
The Mahathma

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Thank you Salman Khan

For driving huge traffic to my blog with this post.

P.S: Kindly spare a second to vote in the sidebar blogpoll

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fifth Sense

The sky looked like a bunch of oranges thrown together. The sun very oddly, peeped from it like a giant yellow mango. The green grass meadows bathed in the little droplets of water from the sky.
In such a confused weather, the rainbow was smiling widely with all its colors!!

Little Jack was unaware of all these beauties around him. He could feel the rain, smell the dampness and hear the chirping of birds but he was unable to see neither the VIBGYOR nor the bright violent sun.
Yes, being blind wasn’t easy.

He was walking with his action shoes, slowly yet steadily. He tripped & fell down once, twice but never gave up his courage. He proceeded on & on like a true warrior.

In a few moments he would have reached the top of the hill & he clearly knew what to do then. He had been apprehensive initially as the risk seemed to be very huge. But the result overpowered all the pains to be taken.
Twelve year old Jack’s small little body looked like a dwarf compared to the huge isolated landscape. His mom would be furious & mad; he knew that.
Yet he decided to take this and puzzle her.

It was getting damper .The sun vanished from the view like magic and so did the rainbow.
He reached his destination and stood like a pillar for a few seconds.
Finally raising his hands like a bird, he ripped off his blind fold and looked at the spectacular sight ahead.
Then he stood there waiting for his friend whom he had just defeated in the bet.

Indeed pretending to be blind wasn’t that easy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Exploring myself

Thought I will drop some random facts about myself.. have seen in quite a lot of blogs ..I’m making the count as twelve .. no significance in that figure..
  1. I simply can’t kick start any day without my morning cup of tea (No.. I dont prepare itwink )
  2. I like to be very orderly , I go mad when people misplace my things
  3. I go crazy for handbags & footwear
  4. I love flowers ; but I have very little knowledge of their names
  5. I can never sleep without reading something,even if thats for five minutes
  6. I like funky fonts
  7. I dont like people skipping their meals when they are tired or busy or low or dieting
  8. I love beaches; I like to sit there & listen to the waves talking
  9. I always use the dinosaur pointer for system busy status
  10. I love train journeys
  11. I never hear the story of a movie if I intend to see it; I literally close my ears when people do that on purpose
  12. I like guys who are geeks ; a dimple adds a plus smile