Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sons of Fortune- Archer's Best

I was at the store browsing over the tons of paperbacks and hardbound books spread vertically and horizontally in all those sophisticated book shelves. This was not a day for  window shopping( or should I say window reading ) because I intended to buy a book seriously. 

It was J's birthday and it was a difficult selection because he was just one book old in reading. Finally turning over many John Grisham's and Jeffery Archer's, I finally settled for "Sons of Fortune" due to the high political drama in the plot.Finally all was well and J loved it to the core :)

Though skeptical, I started reading the book.I was surprised at the wonderful writing and was totally engrossed for full three days. This book beats all the other famous books of Archer including Kane and Abel.

If you havent read the book, just grab it at once and for the ones who have read before, surely its not a waste of time to read it again.