Friday, December 11, 2009

The wisdomless me

Oh yeah thats what I am!
I have been silent for a long time. My silence is not only in the blog world but also in my real world. Ni i'm not under any depression or anything. I do wish I'm back to my normal life..doing my own chores and eating whatever I like. But for the all the bad reason I'm unable to ..because I had my wisdom teeth removed :(

It was an one hour surgery in which they had to remove both my upper and lower wisdom tooth. Thanks to the painful injection for numbness(?), the surgery was painless.

I never thought I would go on for nearly a week of pain and agony but here I am still not recovered,
I have to spill some beans here. The tooth removal was not owing to any decay in my tooth, which normally people think it is, it is the weird behaviour of my teeth growth. 

I'm no doctor to remember the medical term, but the context happens to be that my tooth has grown under my gums,producing it impossible to get cleaned and thereby producing infections resulting in pain often.

And thats why they were such strong teeth,and wisdom as well. This resulted in the doctor pouring in more tools and digging deep inside. 
Oh my how much calcium had I eatend to keep them so strong !
So here am finally a lot better but still craving for some crunchy chewy food!!!

In all these mess, my only consolation is the postponing on this operation owing to our trip to Florida. I couldn't have imagine me roaming around in Disneyland with my swollen mouth. That would have been a nice sight for the kids out there !
I was planning to write a post on my Florida trip which I will soon, I hope but for now I wanted to put in this unforgettable picture from Disneyland,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is that you ?

We went to a temple function sometime back on a weekend. Both of us are not that pious people to talk about, but then here in the US these things are another excuse to meet your friends and see an Indianised place and eat the free food :).

We were all waiting in line to get our "free lunch", when a lady with a small kid comes to me,
"Excuse me.. are you tamil?"
"Are you from this college?"
"Yes I am.. are you from there too..?"
"Yes.. "
She then tells me that she is my junior and even remembers my name. I honestly couldn't place her ,forget the name. I felt very bad. So I say in my best possible way,
"I'm really sorry ..I'm unable to place you.. "
"Thats ok.. we used to be with these people.. "
she says giving references and I'm kind of knowing her, when she immediatly comes back,
"You used to be very fat in college? How did you become thin ?"
I have been getting this question from every single soul in my college whom I have caught up over orkut or met occasionally.
People in my office would be surprised to find this question being asked and the same holds true to my friends from school.
I remember when I met a good old school friend after nearly 8 long years , he told me
 "You just look the same as you were in school"
Yeah thats me. Somehow between my school and corporate life i.e my four years of college life I gained weight & became a fatty :)  !
 A friend joked about this one day telling 
"Thats why you got committed in office and not in college ! ;)"
Funny huh ?
The transformation either way was not voluntary. 
When I started working , I suddenly lost  all my weight and slowly moved to my school day size !
I think I might be the only person to have gained weight spending the days in a college hostel.
Whatever happened , I never knew why or for what ?  But I'm fine with the way it is.
When I started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S , I was able to connect myself with the character "Monica" and how she was a fatty in her High school days. If you watch FRIENDS you know what I am talking about.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving around the Earth !

Couple of our friends moved to Atlanta, LA and Texas all scattered across the same country!

These days moving does not seem to be such a big problem with Los Angeles Office Movers or any Movers featured in your local area listing.
You call these guys , pay some cash and you sit back and relax. The job is done neatly without mess and most importantly- tension free.
But I remember those days when we had to dedicate couple of days or weeks sometimes packing and dusting..whew! 
Am I glad to say "Gone are those days!"

With my dad being in a highly transferable bank job, we had to shift from places to places every three years or so. Thats how I ended up being in 6 schools in my 12 years !!

When I entered my college , I used to envy people who went to the same school year after year and had a tearful farewell at the end.

I did have the advantage of having many friends in different locations. Yet it is no fun at times when you are not able to meet them often.
Being a kid gives you lot of privilege as we know ;).. no worries regarding any movement. Remember when mom used to tell me to pack up my toys and dresses , but sometimes I do procrastinate and finally my parents used to do on their own. 
(There are times that I am a good girl too ! )

Now that I think of it, man that would have been really tough for them to manage.
Wish there were more movers then . I could have helped by calling them..hehehe :)

If you ever wanted a helping hand to move your stuff across the Earth , would like to give you some pointers to Moving Companies Los Angeles -1-800-431-3920 who help with your packing and moving. You save your time and energy to have a safe landing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is just a direct post about this movie that I saw this weekend.

Few months back, I did get a forward mail with innumerable pictures regarding the movie. It was indeed spectacular, the pictures looked awesome and that was when I had a peek in this phenomenon as such. As it states here in this site,there goes a theory which says that the Earth becomes a complete zero on December 21,2012!

2012,the movie is a film based on this theory. The plot goes round you so well that you dont have the time to think about the logic :P Ofcourse who cares for logic when you are entertained a whole three hours right? 
Yes, I'm not kidding this is a full length movie like our Indian films!(minus the songs indeed)

What to look for in the movie,
a visual treat that you can never imagine,
some names & theories which you have come across
drama here and there
nothing sad all happy ending :)

Mind you, never be logical to love this movie.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I were a baby again

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I heard the alarm say "Tring Tring..Tring Tring.." I'm confused, is it not supposed to say "Cuckoo Cuckoo" like I configured that day with so much pain. Damn you electronics! Time to wake up and put on my kettle to boil. Thank god it is a weekend!

I'm feeling lifted, this feels damn good. Yeah like in a smooth roller coaster.. Hmm.. heavenly... Huh there is mom. She is looking very pretty today. Oh yeah I'm not wearing my contacts !
Excuse me did I say mom? Isnt she supposed to be sitting in India probably cooking a good dinner. Oh man sometimes I can be very dreamy or may be I'm not.I'm wearing a frilly dolly dress and looking like a ...errr..BABY!!

Should I say yipee or should I cry. And let me see .. the calendar shows 1983 !
(And yeah there goes my age..)
Whew you daisy blue so much for suggesting the topic!

Now that I'm a baby,I might as well as enjoy this. What more, I am a collaboration of 2009 in 1983.
So here I am, being pampered by well,  whew, so many people in here. Looks like so much fun,with balloons all over. Wonder what this is all about. May be a party !

Oh there comes my Grandmom, wish she was alive now. She used to give me the best sweets ever. 
By the way thats my name in the wall.. and its a birthday banner. How stupid of me not to notice the date in the calendar. Its my day.. Hurray !!!

This feels so nice and here is my uncle taking my pictures in a Kodak camera. Here comes my dad with his big mustache.And thank god he took that away in the later years.

I cant recognise many people here. I'm not supposed to recognise right? I'm a baby.

What is that big lady doing in here? Oh no dont feed me , my stomach feels heavy. No no..Please..Oh oh..Yuck ! I'm sorry..but you didnt leave me any choice other than puke!

Hmm.. this is exciting , 
I can do whatever I want ,yet noone looks at me weirdly. 
I eat what I want and I do not bother if I'm fat.
I dont have to strain my legs and walk miles, someone is always there to carry me.
May be I dont wear what I want, but definitely I talk what I want.
No exams,no resumes and no emails.
No cellphones ringing,no laptops clicking and no TVs yelling.I can really live without these.

Life is going good.
Hey I'm cutting a cake, its not a black Forest or a Dark chocolate its a simple plain vanilla cake with a candle on it. And here comes my first doll.
Its lovely and I am the princess.

"Cuckoo..Cuckoo" there goes my alarm.I get up and put my kettle on.
"Hey you have got cake on your face. Where did you go,a birthday party?" J asks.
"May be.................????? " I reply back with a perplexed smile.

P.S : This short fiction is inspired by the movie "17 Again"

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Mackinac Island

Lately I have become a very bad person in neglecting my first and foremost blog "Blooms Unlimited". I have been devoting my time in creating my new food blog "Spicy Lounge"  and when I see the frequency of this blog its like only one entry per month and that my friends, thanks to Blog-a-ton! How mean can I be !

I'm going to change this rule.. so here I am posting about this wonderful weekend getaway. Probably its the first trip that I'm writing about in my blog or so I remember !

J is really busy these days with his work & planning a trip is really hectic with the tight schedules. Generally we plan such trips together, doing our own research, finding out from friends & booking hotels & stuff. But this time, I had the sole responsibility as we needed a break very badly and soon comes winter.

Mackinac island is an island (oh yeah it says that ) that separates the northern & southern peninsulas of Michigan state in the United States. It is very famous for its ancient locations , fall beauty & cycles, thats what I heard.Anyway just in a way, I happened to know that this was the last weekend for the year and so I made my decision to pick up this destination.

Mackinac here we come.

This place can be reached from either the Northern side(St Ignace city) or the southern side (Mackinaw city). The big Mac bridge connects these two cities.You need to drive to either of these places and take a Ferry from there to the island. Its a 20 minute drive to the island via the Ferry. We stayed in Mackinaw City which by itself is a very small area.

The weather was really very chilly , so it should be for the month, when we boarded the Ferry. The trip was wonderful and you get to know the history of  the island on the way.
The island is only 8 miles in total circumference and motor vehicles have been banned since 1898. And so the only modes of transport are either by cycles or horse drawn carriages and ofcourse by feet.

We rented cycles , though it was very hard to get as most of the shops were closed, and drove the entire island. I was driving a bicycle nearly after 10 years and it was so much fun. (Though not to forget my leg cramps @ night ! ) The weather was very romantic and the places just reminded us of Pondicherry back home.

After spending our time in the island we went back to the city and took a walk along the streets. The city was almost deserted and people said that it does look like a ghost town after the season.

Altogether it became a weekend to remember and if ever you are planning a trip to that place, I suggest you to go through this site. It is a best destination for honeymoon couples.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Indian Dream

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Happy to be back in blog-a-ton ! And what a ironic topic when I'm away from the country.
Before proceeding to pen down my thoughts, I would like to display a picture that caught my eye,

This is from & thats India to the rest of the world !

I was sitting in my window seat on my flight journey to the US , engrossed in my novel when I noticed muscular guy with huge tatoos all over his hand.

"Man,thats frightening" even as I couldnt just think these words,
he said "Hi" & sat next to me.
"Whew.. big time lady " that was me grumbling.

My flight took off and I put my own headphones to watch "The Proposal" - a romantic comedy movie starring Sandra Bullock .
"Which country are you from" he said.
"India" came my reply. I knew he was an American & didnt reciprocate.
"Thats great. I'm just back from India" he said.
This interested me & now I wanted to know more.(True Indian huh ? )

And here goes our conversation
" what did u do in India"
"I worked on a project for my college in Kolkata"
"Oh.. what kind of project?"
"Okay its an NGO which takes care of the needy & as part of the program we donated some computers & helped the people in a remote village in Kolkata.."
"Thats long did you stay?"
"I stayed nearly for 6 weeks and now back to my home"

He then explained to me about his work & his Indain experience including his eating rasogolas which is irrelevant to the topic here so that goes in a separate post later !

(Are you saying that I have still not come to the topic?
Dont curse me guys.. I am on my way :-) )

Now think about this.
Here I am a software engineer working for an MNC based in US, on a long leave, going to join my husband who is also a software engineer, also working for the same MNC !

And here is this guy, back from India, been to remote places which I know most of us have never been. Did a really good deed & planning to do more again.

I was really a bit ashamed to hear this. I dont know if many of you feel the same.

But we Indians write code for programs to run all over the world.
We have many unknown swiz bank accounts hidden smartly.
We have many NRIs in the richest people's list.

Yet people from other countries feed us.
Are we already not in a position to feed ourselves?

And thats exactly what my Indian dream is - Diversity.

If we are diversified and the difference that we have here between the slum and the Bungalow diminishes at least to a reasonable level, we would have automatically taken care of all the thorns on our way to success.

And on that final day, people from our country would be travelling around the globe to help the poor & needy.
Hope to see those stepping stones soon.

You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?" -George Bernard Shaw
Jai Hind !

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My name starts with 'D'

After a nearly month long break I'm back & yes it feels very nice to pen my thoughts again & that too with my new DELL pink laptop :-) !
Life took a little bend in its way & here I am, away from work , in a new land enjoying everyday as a home maker.

What best way to kick start my hide out other than a tag- a perfect ice breaker ?
Here I am with this tag I took up from
Ramya's blog.

As with every tag this one has its own set of rules which are as follows :


  • Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
  • They have to be real… nothing made up!
  • If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
  • You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.


  1. What is your name: Daisy Blue
  2. A four Letter Word: Dude
  3. A boy’s Name: David
  4. A girl’s Name: Divya
  5. An occupation: Dentist (Effect of being to one recently ;) )
  6. A colour: Dark blue
  7. Something you wear: Dress (it counts :D)
  8. A food: Dosa
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Dettol
  10. A place: Denmark
  11. A reason for being late:Drunken driver :P
  12. Something you shout: Donkey !
  13. A movie title: Die Hard
  14. Something you drink: Diet coke(Yet to have one though)
  15. A musical group: Deep Purple
  16. An animal: Deer
  17. A Street name: Denver street
  18. A type of car: Dodge
  19. A song title: Do you Know (Enrique)
  20. A verb:Drink

And thus ends my post .
I'm not passing this tag on to specific people, if you like the tag just take it & have fun ! Might have to use google to complete fast ;-) !!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lost & Found

For some reason I moved from blogger to wordpress & later from wordpress to blogger with a new identity.
I had my old posts back in wordpress and I wanted them all back safe & sound.
I googled a lot to find a tool called "blog2blog". Happy as one would be , I used to import all my posts even not minding the restriction of 100 posts per day.
The sad part of this whole thing was there was no means where I could migrate my comments.
A post without a comment is like a cake without an icing! (Chocolate cake with
Anyways coming to the point, I stumbled upon this wonderful utility only today wherein you can migrate the whole wordpress posts, including your comments&labels to blogger!
Wow .. and there my lost comments were found !!
Check this link for the tool!

How did this simple tool miss my eye until today .. Hmm..interesting..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Cream and Scum of Blogging

"This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 1, the first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton"

As soon as I think of this topic all I could picture are two tiny people talking or rather arguing around me.Today they will do the talking in my blog

Blog Devil(BD) : What a topic to discuss! Rats anyday blogging is a scum. And blog a Ton- what a name! These people are job less..

(Me:You are being watched buddy!)

Blog Angel(BA): Hey why do you tell that way, if not for blogging you would never be alive today


BD: Oh there she comes !! the sweet little Angel with her frilly frock..

(Me: I dont see any frills in the frock.. or Do I ?!)

BA:You can call me all you want , but I’m happy that I’m part of the blog world.. I have many friends to connect with..

(Me:Yup she is right)

BD:Friends !! mean. the ones who come to your blog & drop a line so that they get a reader .. ??They are not friends my dear they are selfish..

(Me: May be ??!)

BA: That is not being selfish that's acquaintance.. & you communicate with them and develop your friendship

(Me:There you go)

BD:Oh blah blah… see Daisyblue.. Always addicted and look how she is neglecting her work that earns her bread..

(Me: Oops hope my boss doesn't hear this)

BA:That is not true .. Daisyblue has revived her blog after a long energises her.. and her blog layout full of flowers wow!.. it does refresh me :-) !

(Me: ***giggling***)

BD:Huh and look how much time it takes to load in a browser.& how many people are trying to open it and waste the company’s bandwidth

(Me: Huh ?!)

BA: What does it matter when compared to the N number of movies people download over the net, Mr.Devil?

(Me: HeHeHe..clever girl)

BD:May be nothing, but people like daisyblue are just aloof. They are the ones who do not know how to mingle when they are single.. How does that sound my dear?!

(Me:Who said I'm single you freak ?!)

BA:Daisyblue is not Shilpa Shetty to shout that she is ready to mingle. Blogging is a way to express her feelings in words. That doesn't mean that these people sit quietly in a corner wherever they go

(Me:Way to go)

BD: You may not believe me but a study says so. It says that all lonely, depressed and passive people blog. They have a whole new character outside the blogosphere .

(Me:Split personality ..!?too much fiction )

BA:There is a proverb, "A person who doesn't know to dance, tells that the dais is crooked" you are the same & its a no use talking to an empty head so I bid you goodbye !

BD:I dont need your Good bye to end my day. I'm off from this stupid blogosphere..

Wow..that was such war of words in the middle of my blog! I'm happy to have the blog angel with me.But too much of the angel will eventually bore me out.

Whom to you like ? BA or the BD ? Pour in your thoughts

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little somethings

We don't always need a big feast or a beautiful cruise to bring a cheer. Just wondered all the teeny tiny things that make my face like this :-)

You are in the middle of a deep slumber and you wake up and check the time. It shows 3:00 am & you know that your alarm points 7:00 am. You bury under the covers happily !
Little did you know then that your alarm would fail to work & give you a rush

You have a very important meeting conflicting with your holiday plan. You are pondering hard to come to a conclusion when luck strikes you and postpones the meeting.
You later come to know that your holiday plan also gets postpones to the same day !

You talk a lot about an old memorable movie & wish you could watch, when you hear know that it is aired in TV today.
You start to watch it with so much fun,suddenly the cable gets cut and all you can hear is white noise.

You are very much engrossed in a murder mystery book when the power goes off. You curse the EB guys when you learn that it will be shut down for the whole night. But surprisingly only your street is spared.
Your happy reading all comes to an end when the important pages of the book go missing!

You scold your mom for forcing you to accompany her for this boring wedding when suddenly a good old aunt introduces you to a charming cute guy.
A second later she also introduces you to the beautiful model like wife of his.

and there goes my poor face like this :-( !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Which Friends Character Are You?

Took this fun test from proving my addiction :-). Looks like I'm a mix of Rachel & Monica.
Find out who are you are..

Which Friends Character Are You?

You are part Rachel. You're very selfish and pay great attention to image. Spoiled when you were young, you were always the popular and snobbish kid. Although you hang on to your adolescent attributes, you grow more responsible every year.

You are part Monica. You have a go-all-out nature. Your friends better watch out, because you play to win. Also, when it comes to order and cleanliness, you're a bit obsessive compulsive. Your best trait, however, is your thoughtfulness. You go to great lengths to care for your friends.

Find Your Character @

Monday, July 13, 2009

A refreshing break

Three months !! Yeah..its quite a long break.But with many things to trace back, I'm sure I could be excused.
I was on a vacation, out of the country, accompanying J on his onsite assignment.I happened to be the wifey sitting at home, cooking,trying new dishes and watching endless sitcoms.It was really the best time of my marriage life,no work, no tension & all cool.
Oh did I say that we went to the States, Detroit to be specific?
"Detroit is not a very romantic place to celebrate your 1st anniversary.. but it is still a change of place" said the guy at my dependent VISA interview.Sure.. Detroit is very boring..but Niagara is not & thats where we celebrated our first wedding anniversary :) !!
And thats the Niagara, all illuminated and glowing. It is a must watch place and if ever you get a chance to go there, take a good three or four days break and enjoy its beauty from the Canada side.
I got so addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and with the show aired in different channels I looked like a typical Indian wife sitting in front of soap operas.And now I'm happy that I made J one too. We got all the episodes and never fail to watch them daily.
I have a big regret though! I bought this new book by Sophie Kinsella , "Remember Me" to accompany me on my Journey from India. Sadly I left the book for a place in the flight & the worst part is that the book is still unfinished :(
Let me end the post with the beautiful New York,
I just couldnt stop visualizing Kamal Hassan & Jothika when I was walking through the streets. Thanks to Manjal Veyil from Vetaiyadu.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Award time

S4n705h here has given me this award which says "Fucking Fabulous Blog ". This award comes with some rules with it that I have copy pasted below :D
  • Put the image on your blog
  • List 10 truths about yourself
  • Give the award to 5 other people
  • Provide meaningful quotation
So here goes the image,

Before revealing my truths, I would bend a little and provide my quotation first,
"Where there is a will there is sure a way, no matter how thorny "
This is my twitched version of our good old saying. Somehow I have a strong belief in this !!
Here comes my disclosure
  1. I cant keep my hands off my hair especially the strands that fall on my face
  2. I'm totally totally afraid of dogs..I simple run a mile when I see one.
  3. Tender coconut is my favorite drink .. I have them daily.
  4. I'm kind of superstitious.. I believe in lucky dress,lucky day stuff and read my sun sign daily.If its a good one I register it but if its a bad one I say that these things dont work!
  5. I use a tongue cleaner daily when I brush..its an old habit that followed.
  6. If I happen to take a stroll at night and see innumerable stars , I try to figure out the only two constellations I know - the big dipper and the hunter and ask people to appreciate it :)
  7. I used to have big time crush on cricketer Ajay Jadeja!
  8. I dont use the dictionary mode in my mobile for typing messages.I got used to being without it which is why my messages look like ,"I'm dne.shall v go?", "rchd" ,"Il c u trow" etc.
  9. I dont wear lipstick no matter what the occasion is! my wedding was an exception.
  10. I was supposed to sing "Chubby cheeks, dimple chin" in a rhymes competition with my cute little doll as a prop but I landed up singing a popular movie number on the stage. The audience had a good time & I rose to fame.

And I pass on the award to,
Devil's Advocate
Jolly Roger

Friday, February 13, 2009

Twist in the tale

An year back , specifically last new year,J bought this wonderful metallic spark car selling his old Zen.This car has a special place in my heart. It was this car that took me for our first romantic date on the Vday when J gave me a leaf shaped ring & I presented him a Titan watch! From then on the car became an integral part of our romance and later in all our family occasions.

Now in all these days I have never once driven the car nor have I tried driving because my dear friends, I cant drive! Technically according to J, I have been learning car driving for the past one year. Please dont give a gasp.. I'll explain. I started my driving classes and due to my concentrations in other stuff like marriage, marriage, marriage..etc I never went regularly. Then one day I got married and shifted to a new place leaving my driving school behind!!
Now after nearly 6 months when my LLR expired I woke up with a jolt and took up a class in a near by place.
So I own another LLR and I'm supposed to take my driving test this Saturday.

Now coming back to the story,this sunday I decided to practise my driving in our Sparky. We started off from our home and went to a very deserted road. It was easy to find one on a Sunday afternoon. For once I was happy that I was driving quite okay and after exhausting in the road, we moved to another lane.I managed to reach the end of the lane which now looked perpendicular to the main road. Now its time to turn back.
So I try to take a turn and the car stops. I start again ..again the car stops. Now I have reached nearly the middle of the road and the car doesnt is going to reach the other end and unfortunately there is a hurdle - a footpath. J says "Break.. Break.. Break.." and all I remember is me dashing a tree in front and as I look up , I'm surrounded by smoke!!!!!!
Tears drop from my eyes.
"Car is totally damaged!.. get down" tells J,
I get down and feel shocked about the intensity of the damage.
"Why did u go so fast !! I was shouting you to stop"
"I didnt press the accelerator .. "
As I utter these words I realize much to my embarrasement that I have pressed the accelerator instead of break !! And as he uttered "Break break break" I have pressed the accelerator even more firmly.(Did someone interchange A & B )

The car refused to start and we had to call the helpline and they had to tow it and go.
"Noone can damage a car like this..!! "
he says "Come lets have pani puri"
and we walk to the chaat shop when J says, "Madam did you come for a stroll in the road?..!!" in his usual critic way and I keep a puppy face.

To make things worse the insurance expired on Saturday mid night and so we had to camouflage and gave the time of accident as Saturday!

P.S: The car is totally damaged with a big estimate which I donot want to disclose! The engine is totally out. But insurance is cleared!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Expressions -02

Expressions refer to a fiction series in this blog. Catch up with the previous parts with the label Expressions .
Click here to check the first part.

The words , "The Mermaid" hung across the tiny shop in the corner of the very busy street. A lovely flower vase with fresh white lilies welcomed the customers.

Rows of colorful dupattas occupied the left hand corner of the shop followed by mix and match pattialas.

Lines of salwar suites hung in the center part of the shop and a separate small section for western wear lined the rear end.

At 7:30 pm the shop was quite empty with only a couple of ladies browsing.

There was a small dressing room suitably placed with mirrors & it was knocked by a little girl in a pinafore.
"Amma..come out soon.. I'm hungry..."
"Wait sweety... will be back soon.. just be calm.."

The girl was interrupted by a lady in a green salwar.She was tall ,slender and wheatish in complexion. Her high heeled sandal complemented her foot.People would never fail to take a second look at her lovely face.

"Hi kutti.. here have a chocolate.. your mom would be here very soon.."
"No thanks aunty.. amma will scold me... "
"no no.. come here I will tell "
"ummm... thanks aunty.. err... I want to sit in this chair... its very high.."
"Haha.. there now you are seated .. happy?"
"Aunty...can I get one more choc.."

Her words were interrupted by her mom who was moving towards the cash counter rapidly.

"Dhivya thats the fifth chocolate you are eating today!! Did I not tell you to sit down quietly..why are you disturbing aunty.."

"Thats not a problem..she is such a sweety Mrs.Mani..that would be total 3098..hope you liked our new salwar collections.."

"Yes.. they are awesome. I have already decided to come another round...anyways its getting late..see ya..tell bye to Aunty dear.."
"Bye Aunty" ..
"Bye kutti.."

Signed Anu closing the cash register.

****To be Continued

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Never say goodbye

Its 11:05 AM ,an hour since I reached office & I'm yet to start my work for the day. I've been checking my personal mails..checking my official mails.. scraps..and blogging ...& having my morning chats with friends..

I take a look at my left hand side & realize our missing friend...yesterday was his last working day. We gifted some goodies & had a cake cutting ceremony..its a pity that the cake never went into anyone's mouth.I had a good chocolate cream facial and cream hair massage!!
Yesterday's events kept me thinking about my last working days. Last working day in my previous company, last working day in college,last working in school. Wow what great difference over time!!

Last days in school always seem to be the toughest of all. You get autographs from teachers & friends.You rush to be the first one to get autograph from the popular & favorite miss. We had this culture of spilling ink over your school uniforms on the last exam.It used to be one of the best.

Speaking of fun,I remember throwing water balloons from the top floor to the girls sitting on the ground floor in hostel and we used to time it when the power goes off :-D!! Incidentally,my last day in hostel turned out to be very boring as our department exams were the last.

I've lost contact with many people. Its strange that we don't even know the whereabouts of few people with whom we spent four years of college/hostel life.
But thanks to Orkut I've regained so many buddies starting from school days.

I intend to be in touch with all my friends .. a small mail,message,scrap.. whatever ways.. I'm able to.
And now its time for work :-)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Expressions - 01

Expressions refer to a fiction series in this blog. This is the first part in the series.

"Look at her tiny
hands..there she is holding me adorable..Ummaahh"

" many times have I told you not to kiss her.. "
"Its okay honeybun know that my mouth is as fresh as a flower.. dont worry.." "There pants are wet again!!.. "

"Hahaha..that was a naughty little revenge for your daughter knows how to tackle her father already"

"No sweetheart that's my daughter.. my sweet Anjana..Anju"

" selfish idiot.. its our daughter & her name is not Anjana remember agreed to keep it as Aradhana.. & call her Dhanu.."

"No Anu... we still have to work on that.. and by the way dear.. one way she is your daughter..look at her yawning... lazy sleeper like you.. "
" need a good thrash "

Sidharth smiled looking at the picture he had clicked then.He had a very vivid memory.

Anu looked very beautiful that day with her loose hair & motherly look she looked like an angel.Little Anju was lying in her pink bed in her pink dress amidst pink pillows, all pink as decided and decorated by Anu!!

Sidharth still felt pride in winning the name Anjana...ofcourse he knew that Anu wouldn't want him to lose anyday. But now..after such long time with Anju in KG-I.. he has been defeated... and deserted.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome 2009 !!!

Happy new year 2009

Finally I have dusted my blog and penned down my first post of the year :-)
I wanted a very refreshing and energizing theme to kick start and yup was not disappointed. The theme from btemplates was just the one I needed!!

J and I celebrated the n
ew year's eve quietly in the hills of Munnar and eating the first cake of the year,

Back home, we started our morning walks in a near by park. A group of "senior citizens" practice their yoga under a tree,people play shuttle & they are more interested in their outfit than their game.Few folks gather around and start their laughter therapy like in Munnabhai in Hindi or Vasool Raja in Tamil.Poor fellows!! No fun in their lives that they do have to gather and generate laughter.

Ive started my cooking and that implies cooking recipes on my blog soon :)
Rangolis that decorate our house paths are coming to an end with Pongal(Sankaranthi) and thus the goes daily fun.

A.R Rahman has got the Golden Globe Award and brings laurel to the country.

Those of you in Chennai, I suggest you go and have a look at Chennai Sangamam before it ends. It is really a good initiative to all the artists across the state and a worth watching.