Friday, February 13, 2009

Twist in the tale

An year back , specifically last new year,J bought this wonderful metallic spark car selling his old Zen.This car has a special place in my heart. It was this car that took me for our first romantic date on the Vday when J gave me a leaf shaped ring & I presented him a Titan watch! From then on the car became an integral part of our romance and later in all our family occasions.

Now in all these days I have never once driven the car nor have I tried driving because my dear friends, I cant drive! Technically according to J, I have been learning car driving for the past one year. Please dont give a gasp.. I'll explain. I started my driving classes and due to my concentrations in other stuff like marriage, marriage, marriage..etc I never went regularly. Then one day I got married and shifted to a new place leaving my driving school behind!!
Now after nearly 6 months when my LLR expired I woke up with a jolt and took up a class in a near by place.
So I own another LLR and I'm supposed to take my driving test this Saturday.

Now coming back to the story,this sunday I decided to practise my driving in our Sparky. We started off from our home and went to a very deserted road. It was easy to find one on a Sunday afternoon. For once I was happy that I was driving quite okay and after exhausting in the road, we moved to another lane.I managed to reach the end of the lane which now looked perpendicular to the main road. Now its time to turn back.
So I try to take a turn and the car stops. I start again ..again the car stops. Now I have reached nearly the middle of the road and the car doesnt is going to reach the other end and unfortunately there is a hurdle - a footpath. J says "Break.. Break.. Break.." and all I remember is me dashing a tree in front and as I look up , I'm surrounded by smoke!!!!!!
Tears drop from my eyes.
"Car is totally damaged!.. get down" tells J,
I get down and feel shocked about the intensity of the damage.
"Why did u go so fast !! I was shouting you to stop"
"I didnt press the accelerator .. "
As I utter these words I realize much to my embarrasement that I have pressed the accelerator instead of break !! And as he uttered "Break break break" I have pressed the accelerator even more firmly.(Did someone interchange A & B )

The car refused to start and we had to call the helpline and they had to tow it and go.
"Noone can damage a car like this..!! "
he says "Come lets have pani puri"
and we walk to the chaat shop when J says, "Madam did you come for a stroll in the road?..!!" in his usual critic way and I keep a puppy face.

To make things worse the insurance expired on Saturday mid night and so we had to camouflage and gave the time of accident as Saturday!

P.S: The car is totally damaged with a big estimate which I donot want to disclose! The engine is totally out. But insurance is cleared!!!


JollyRoger said...

That is very sad! But on the brighter side, it is just the car! D always has a fear of crashing when she drives, (she actually drives well now) but I always tell her, that the worst she can do is trash the car, and i rather have her than the car.

Hey Happy valentine's do share your love story soon.

Devil's Advocate said...

Adventure!!! Something which money can't buy. For everything else there is J's credit card. :P

Honey Bee said...

Oh God! You did that? Am sorry the post let me in splits.... I am free after a heavy week.. Just logged into blog hopping and there you are sharing your agony and am smiling... :(

Daisy Blue said...

Yeah thats true..once you hit the fear it takes sometime to recover too..

Daisy Blue said...

@Devil's Advocate
Yup real adventure..Credit card thats something I never insist J to use..

Daisy Blue said...

@Honey Bee
Thats the fun part.. I also feel like laughing when I narrate this..

Honey Bee said...

Does J know that you are laughing at it? Maybe, you are making that tamil proverb true : "Idukkan varungal Naguga" (When in pain, smile - a yourself)

Santosh said...

Hmmm. A broken car and safe couple. Makes a great story. Touch wood both of you are safe. and yeah Adventure as Jolly Roger says. cant compare it with anything. God bless tha pani puri wala for such funny question...

Santosh said...

Hmmm. A broken car and safe couple. Makes a great story. Touch wood both of you are safe. and yeah Adventure as Jolly Roger says. cant compare it with anything. God bless tha pani puri wala for such funny question...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Sorry for that.. But Both of you have taken it in a great way...After the accident he asking you for a Pani Puri & you writing a post on that ..Oh my You taking the life beautifully..touch wood..Car & insurance ,they can wait & take care of each other

arshat.chaudhary said...

J's such a nice guy yaar.. Trust me mate, guys love their bikes and cars.. God forbid anything happen to them!..
Cute post :)

Chriz said...

but the souls are safe.... thank god

PurpleHeart said...

I empthise but I am smiling too ! I have heard similar mishaps with confusion between break n accelarator.Spark is a very romantic car, with the wink n all u know :) But tat's ok, u can buy hundred other Sparks.Thank God you both are safe ! God Bless !

Santosh said...

There is an award waiting for yuo at my site.. visit me for details

DPhatsez said...

I know its a tragedy but permit me to show a lighter side of this.

What J is thinking..

"First date.Rs 1000.

New Car. 6 lakhs.

Crashing the car.('undisclosed amount')

Expression on her face when you treated her to pani puri. PRICELESS.

There are some things money can't buy.For everything else, there's my credit card!