Thursday, February 5, 2009

Expressions -02

Expressions refer to a fiction series in this blog. Catch up with the previous parts with the label Expressions .
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The words , "The Mermaid" hung across the tiny shop in the corner of the very busy street. A lovely flower vase with fresh white lilies welcomed the customers.

Rows of colorful dupattas occupied the left hand corner of the shop followed by mix and match pattialas.

Lines of salwar suites hung in the center part of the shop and a separate small section for western wear lined the rear end.

At 7:30 pm the shop was quite empty with only a couple of ladies browsing.

There was a small dressing room suitably placed with mirrors & it was knocked by a little girl in a pinafore.
"Amma..come out soon.. I'm hungry..."
"Wait sweety... will be back soon.. just be calm.."

The girl was interrupted by a lady in a green salwar.She was tall ,slender and wheatish in complexion. Her high heeled sandal complemented her foot.People would never fail to take a second look at her lovely face.

"Hi kutti.. here have a chocolate.. your mom would be here very soon.."
"No thanks aunty.. amma will scold me... "
"no no.. come here I will tell "
"ummm... thanks aunty.. err... I want to sit in this chair... its very high.."
"Haha.. there now you are seated .. happy?"
"Aunty...can I get one more choc.."

Her words were interrupted by her mom who was moving towards the cash counter rapidly.

"Dhivya thats the fifth chocolate you are eating today!! Did I not tell you to sit down quietly..why are you disturbing aunty.."

"Thats not a problem..she is such a sweety Mrs.Mani..that would be total 3098..hope you liked our new salwar collections.."

"Yes.. they are awesome. I have already decided to come another round...anyways its getting late..see ya..tell bye to Aunty dear.."
"Bye Aunty" ..
"Bye kutti.."

Signed Anu closing the cash register.

****To be Continued


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Terrific..just Terrific

PurpleHeart said...

Am sure the total would have accounted the cost of the chocolate she gave the kutti and other such complimentaries. These retailers know how to be intelligently attractive !

Honey Bee said...

Oh! God.. It happens doesn't it?
Nice food for thought

Devil's Advocate said...

this time story started from different point? why why? tell the ending of last story. I did not get that.

Chronicwriter said...

gomz... loved it...

i hope u are alls et for valentines day!

Daisy Blue said...

@Compassion Unlimitted
Meant to continue this as a series titled expressions.,. the story will roll on...

zoy said...

That was so soothing.

Daisy Blue said...

Thanks :)

Ajinkya Kale said...

nice one !