Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Books do wonders

Books they can bring the deep emotions of a person. Personally books mean everything to me. Its the one thing without which I can never sleep, be it a novel or a magazine or a comic-I love them all! They make me forget the present; especially my worries and I travel with the character. I can be a journalist, a simple school teacher, a successful lawyer, a bloody boss and roam around in Paris, London, an english country side, and even attend a spectacular Hollywood VIP party. I feel joy, sorrow, anger, hatred but end with happiness. That’s what I like the best :)!!
But then it can also be depressing if you pick up the wrong book at the wrong time of your life and add fuel to the existing dull mood.
A well written book is incomparable with any glamorous movie.

Never regret to be a bookworm ;) !!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The scream was deafening as he paced through the graveyard, alone in the chilly cold night. He felt as if she was screaming right beside him - he could never forget her last cry. His body smelled of blood and even in the little light from the half-lit moon he could see the blood stains on his shirt. Sweat dripped from his forehead like rain water, sadly strange in such weather. He shivered and feared for what he had done a couple of minutes back and this increased his pace. Suddenly he realized that he was being followed but he could not find the courage to turn. But the rustling sound of the leaves made him to panic and in an instant he looked back.

He had been very nervous and his face showed it. He had worked hard to reach here and now he had to face the reality. His expression changed from fear to a smile and then laughter as he heard the huge applause. This was his first shot as an actor.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Art for(of) living

The sun was shining very brightly and especially in such a dirty street it was like in a desert. It was one such day where you don’t want to be out even for a single minute and cover yourself in every possible way to hide the sun. Yet it’s the fate of some to be in the same room as the sun and he was one among them.
He was wearing a very shabby piece of cloth, dirty with dust, drenched in sweat, sitting in a small shade of a very old tree. The tree looked naked without its green leaves and even at this age it helped him. A piece of art was lying there beside him, his hard work for the past few days.
It depicted a beautiful young girl sitting quietly on a small rock. Behind her was the roaring sea, blue in color to match the girl's dress. Her hair was falling on the face yet she didn’t seem to mind it. Very far away there was a ship that looked very tiny with distance lying in the middle of the huge sea. Is the girl thinking of someone who just boarded the ship?
It was such a beautiful art that depicted a thousand words. An old lady passed, she stopped, turned back and had a look at the art. He became happy to have attracted a customer. She came closer, even closer and then stared at him. As if seen a ghost she left the place to his disappointment. This had been the case for him since morning. Either people ran away due to his appearance or they just don't seem to care. But what could he do to change the appearance? How could he afford if people don’t take interest and buy his art. People called him 'Lazy beggar'.
It was in such a state that a gentleman came. First he was disinterested but the girl's face caught his attention .He came nearer and asked him to give the piece, took it in his hand ignoring the trail of dust behind. He analyzed, smiled, looked at him, handed him a 100 bucks and left the place. He was happy to have earned and this was more than what he had expected. Thanking the gentleman and wishing he should live happily in his life, he left the place to get his first meal of the day.

Few months later, clad in a full black suit, he was sitting on the stage. People who looked at him wondered how one could possess such a dignified look. The auditorium was jam packed -it made him to smile. He liked this and it motivated him to achieve more in whatever way possible. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome you all for the felicitation ceremony of Mr. Albert Johnson, renowned painter, whose Lonely girl painting received the……. “

He didn’t hear the rest. He knew what it would be. He was thinking of the price quote he had got for the painting. Latest was US$500 from a banker and he was still waiting to earn more.

“We now request Mr. Albert to say a few words to our art students “

“Dear students, Art means practice, hard work….. “

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another day

8:00 AM
I got up from my bed,had my usual cup of tea watching the news and guess what the headline was "Ash accompanying Bachans to a Puja in Varanasi"..a nonsense news early in the morning yet !!All of us brag about why they have to make such a hype about these but still its these news that catches our eye easily however we try to deny it :) Gossiping about this for sometime,I headed towards my room,took bath , got ready and now at
9:45 AM
I'm off to my work in my Scooty pep plus!!! Yuck.. a hot day it was ..and bad coincidence.. stoppage at all signals. 10:15 AM I reached office and started my day with ctrl+alt+del.Outlook mail,Y! mail,Gmail,Orkut wow lot of things to browse!!
12:30 PM

Oh It was lunch time already.I kept all the project related work aside to be done "POST"lunch. How did I come to use all these terms.Time and experience in software industry gave these wonders??!!!
1:15 PM

Again back to Y!,Gmail stuff.I did my project related stuff chatting with friends in messenger.Then there was this hustle..a bunch of people shouting inside the work environment.,.How I hate these why dont they talk in a low voice or go to a common area??whatever..

3:30 PM

Tea break and another chat session.

6:00 PM
Time to start. I started in my scooty and reached my place. A little tv,chatting,dinner and well it was time to sleep. Sure time flies. My alarm went at 8:00 AM , huh another day!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bloggers-men & women

Thanks to the NEXT button in, I always have a peek at the neighboring blog and try to analyze or catch some ideas!!
By doing this frequently,I guess its easy for one to distinguish between a male blogger and a female blogger by practice.Apart from the design and content that sharply separates both,one interesting feature is the advertisement.
If you see a lot of Advertisements in the page,that in some cases you have to search the post between the blogs,well you have landed up in a blog written by a male.Till now I haven't crossed any female blog with advertisements and a Google search!! Should we conclude that males are money minded and they find every means to make money?I understand that any male reading this will fire at me :). Well,I'm not concluding anything here ,its just an observation which I found very impressive.
Sure ,Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is Shopping my Hobby?

Well,exactly two years back if someone had asked me this question I would have just laughed at them and told not to waste money on shopping. As in a Calvin strip, where he would meet his past version with the help of a time machine, if ever I get a chance to meet my past I would call her a kanjoos!!! That doesn't exactly mean I didn't spend anything that time. I used to think more than twice before buying anything. But now I guess it had kind of become a hobby for me.I can go to foodworld and spend a lot of time without having to buy anything important, and the worst(or best) part is that I'll still end up in buying something that needn't be very costly still something silly. Also earlier I could never shop alone but now I have started loving that, buying my own dresses and stuff. If you read this and find even a slightest similarity we sure are sailing in the same boat !!! One thing that I would like to tell for all those who love shopping,think at least twice before buying anything which I practice now,and beware if you very badly want to buy something see the price many times that will surely help you to avoid it. I think one shouldn't miss this wonderful feeling and never keep this in the middle of a hectic day if you truly want to enjoy the fun!!!
Happy shopping!!!

Sophie Kinsella

It was in Landmark that I was attracted by this bright yellow book.The prologue which went like this,
"Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable. She's made a mistake so huge, it'll wreck any chance of a partnership.
Going into utter meltdown, she walks out of her London office, gets on a train, and ends up in the middle of nowhere. Asking for directions at a big, beautiful house, she's mistaken for an interviewee and finds herself being offered a job as housekeeper. Her employers have no idea they've hired a lawyer—and Samantha has no idea how to work the oven. She can't sew on a button, bake a potato, or get the #@%# ironing board to open. How she takes a deep breath and begins to cope—and finds love—is a story as delicious as the bread she learns to bake.

But will her old life ever catch up with her? And if it does...will she want it back?"
was very catchy and immediately I grabbed the book and I never regretted it. Infact it impressed people who never liked novels before!!
Samantha Sweeting a sweet name like her character.
This book is must read for all those ladies out there who like Sweet romances and sometimes do think to quit work!!
Another wonderful book by the same author:
Can you keep a secret

More in her website:Sophie Kinsley

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Michael Crichton-I had heard a lot about him but never read any book, infact I have never gone his side in any book shop.
But last weekend at Odyssey I decided to buy Disclosure from the huge collection of Michael Crichton.
Having heard that this had been a movie in English and later another version of it as Aitraaz in Hindi it was an easy choice for me.
Seeing the size as felt that this would last me for a week until the next book!!
But the moment I started it took in a such a pace that I had to force myself to shut it down in between for eating!!!
It was amazing,I dont have any words to explain it :)
Michael Crichton-Disclosure

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Down the memory lane

My first story written long time back :)

Down the memory lane..

"Mary had a little lamb" Its me humming while walking through the green rice fields carrying my favorite pink bag now safe in my tight grip.

I passed through that big house - the house which reminds me of "Haunted house" in many stories that I have read. Ok accept it. Mom has told not to tell lies.

That reminds me of the only one story that I have read till now.

Anyway I like that house and the way the creepers climb through the big walls and huge coconut trees that swing with a sound during windy season. But I never like the look of the watch man who always looks with a suspicion whenever we play hide-n-seek around there.

My friend Shalini once told me she saw a big stick in his hands. I wonder why he carries that.

I learn in my school that beating animals is bad. Then how can he ever think of beating children?

May be he didn’t go to school that’s why!!

"Ouch!!! What’s that??"...a small stone on the way.

I moved the stone from the path.

How many people will fall like this? My school miss has taught us about road safety. May be this is not the black road in my home but in Granny's village we don’t see those roads. No big buses also. Granny is always so amused to see those in our home. She can’t survive it. But we are used to anyway and I like Granny this way. The way she tells stories in the backyard. How good they are! She has promised me today she'll tell a story.

And today is special as it’s my birthday :-)

That’s why I'm wearing my pretty new frock with flowers and frills...

And I should Thank God I didn’t fall down else my new dress would’ve been spoiled and mom would be very furious… Mom told me to wear the dress during the party but I wanted to wear now.

I'm supposed to have a small party in the evening and I'm going to cut a cake that dad has ordered from a near by town. There is no cake shop in Granny's village... I’m feeling very proud and happy that people will come to see me, give me gifts…

Hmm.. let me check my bag” “1, 2,3.” That looks fine... everything is there all the gifts I got early in the morning including this bag that Mom new pen pencil that dad gave...small earrings given by aunt that matched my dress...and now I'll go home and have my favorite sweet which Granny will prepare specially for me...

Do I hear a sound now??!!”

Hmm do I turn

Oh!! Where did he come from.??”

I never expected him to be here. That too on my very special day...

Ok now what should I do. Should I stand and let him go. Or should I run.

Or Should I try to be brave and confront him.

Its getting late now I'm somewhat near my house. I’m near the pond with so many lotuses.

Now I’m still walking...Going through the small bridge...

I turn back; "Hey he is not there now!!" may be if I run I’ll go into my home and escape him. Once I'm there he can’t do anything. I start running...

What’s this noise...” "Oh …,” he is following me … he has been hiding from me.

I run... he also runs...I run faster he also run faster through the fields, in the muddy road... near the banyan tree...crossing the temple.

I’m about to reach my home but he is very near. He could touch me now...Ok now is the time...

I walk through the gate and enter house...I don’t even know whose house... I tried to close the gate I couldn’t I ran inside the house..

There comes some familiar figure. Do I know her??Oh yes. Its Sharadha Aunty I run towards her...She sees me...sees him...takes a stick and shoos him away..

I go inside and look through the window as the big dark dog walks away...I'm still panting...but I carefully kept all my gifts intact.

Now I think may be I should’ve listened to mom and not worn my new dress.

He is jealous of my new dress!!

A Fairy tale

The wind was very strong and standing two floors above Shweta could feel it with very hard. Yet she was there, alone-yes alone, she smiled sarcastically. If only he had...

She was still looking at her mobile hoping for that call… but alas it never came. And when she decided that it was time to leave for the good, it rang, one look all her excitement went. ''Shweta have you started for your train?’,’ No ma not yet will start soon', 'Ok take care of all the luggage and give a call after reaching', 'sure ma bye''. Forcing her mind from everything else, she started walking towards her room.

''Hey Shweta, I was searching you for long..Shweta..'',Ignoring her friend she shut herself inside the room crying again. This cant happen to me ,this really cannot how can he do this to me..If only he had..

She began tracing her memories back..the words hit her hard..'Its really not working for us Shweta. I'm really not ready for marriage now , If u cant wait I really cant help, I'm sorry'

'Shweta..we have been telling you about this guy whose parents met us… they really want this marriage to happen soon.. and you know about papa’s health..we are still waiting for your reply.. hope you don't embarrass us..'

Struggling between these two worlds for a long time unable to bear the pressure she decided to move away..she knew that .. even then she hoped for a small twist in the tale like in movies & stories...and now she had realized that such a thing never happens in reality.

''Mama..I'm hungry..'' disturbed by her son..Shweta was back to reality. All seemed to be some dream..the phone call that came just before the train left...the way she canceled her trip .. the marriage..and now seven years later Shweta felt happy to have married the person whom she loved.

"Why are you smiling Mama?" "Nothing Beta, come lets get you something to eat.Your papa will arrive soon.."

Fairy tales do exist, don’t you agree?

Full House

Full House is a hit sitcom which was initially telecasted in Zee Cafe.
I missed Full house since I started working and have been wondering if I would ever get a chance to see it. And here thanks to one of my dear friend I got it from youtube and was surprised to see my favorite Jessy sing
Wow hail youtube !!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rumors are that the movie is getting released on 22nd December.
With many of favorite people , Manirathnam ,ARR,Madhavan, Abhishek all together i'm eagerly waiting.!!

Manners maketh the man

Lazing away in the house, sick with fever, I was surprised to see the energy with which the house maid was working."Akka" as we call her, does her work with so much involvement that I felt a sudden sheer of disappointment in myself, well have I ever worked this?Its been a very long time.

Moving away steadily, washing the utensils, sweeping the house, taking the mob in one hand she was multitasking very efficiently.And the way she inquired about my health and kept things in place for me, sure I was really touched.

It was then that I realized that I had given her an old handbag of mine that she took for her sister's daughter, so I asked her how the daughter liked it.She told me that as she was leaving with the bag, another lady working in the nearby house had seen it and asked if she would give her this bag as her daughter has just started a new work for which she has been thinking to get a bag from someone.And to this our akka readily gave her the bag & she then told me I was taking for a girl in college but this seemed more genuine to me. Whoever takes it doesnt matter, its anyway helpful!!

Man, I was shell shocked to hear her response. And I wondered yes we do still find people like her.

Hats off to Saraswati Akka.. !!!!

My creation

3 liners
She loves roses-especially red ones.She had tons of them today.They were lying beautifuly on her coffin.


'Today is my birthday and my owner is celebrating it'.
'I'm getting good food and I feel I'm the center of attraction'.
"Now we can have a good feast",told the Butcher getting ready to do his job.


In the dark fiery night,with the moon enjoying its day off along with the stars,in no mood to work,he was there along with the others to taste blood.

It was in this very same house that his parents were brutally murdered last night and since then he became restless to find the murderer and attack him and that's the reason he was there.

Moving slowly&steadily they attacked their target with all their strength,'Shucks why dont you put on the mosquito mat?'yelled the man to his wife and they left the place feeling satisfied -they have taken revenge.

Finally his long cherished dream of becoming a playback singer came true. He had worked hard to reach here and in front of great music maestro a bit nervous, he adjusted his headphone for the umpteenth time. And then he sang his first line, ’lalalala’, his first as a chorus singer.
She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and especially in this attire she looked awesome.
Fully clad in white,face hidden in her veil she looked like an angel from heaven.
He remembered the day when he proposed,the toast they had later to celebrate it and now this was like a dream -standing next to her on the wedding day.
'I pronounce you both man and woman',said the Priest and he looked at his girl friend in the hands of her husband,indeed he was the best "Best Man"she could ever get.
He remembered his teacher's words, "If someone beats you one side, show the other side...” he didn’t remember the exact lines. But he knew this was Christ's words. He was a very perfect man who doesn’t think any harm to others and for him this is a big sin.

He looked at his mom, she was in tears. She wanted him to be doctor who saves lives. That was her dream which took shape some years back when his father lost his life due to inefficient medical facilities. But today he was getting ready to kill people.

The clock stroke 12, time for him to leave. He bid last adieu to his mom who was smiling now. He might not have fulfilled her dreams but he made her proud. Off marched the brave army man to save his country!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My first post

Well..this is just a test post!!