Monday, November 20, 2006

My creation

3 liners
She loves roses-especially red ones.She had tons of them today.They were lying beautifuly on her coffin.


'Today is my birthday and my owner is celebrating it'.
'I'm getting good food and I feel I'm the center of attraction'.
"Now we can have a good feast",told the Butcher getting ready to do his job.


In the dark fiery night,with the moon enjoying its day off along with the stars,in no mood to work,he was there along with the others to taste blood.

It was in this very same house that his parents were brutally murdered last night and since then he became restless to find the murderer and attack him and that's the reason he was there.

Moving slowly&steadily they attacked their target with all their strength,'Shucks why dont you put on the mosquito mat?'yelled the man to his wife and they left the place feeling satisfied -they have taken revenge.

Finally his long cherished dream of becoming a playback singer came true. He had worked hard to reach here and in front of great music maestro a bit nervous, he adjusted his headphone for the umpteenth time. And then he sang his first line, ’lalalala’, his first as a chorus singer.
She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and especially in this attire she looked awesome.
Fully clad in white,face hidden in her veil she looked like an angel from heaven.
He remembered the day when he proposed,the toast they had later to celebrate it and now this was like a dream -standing next to her on the wedding day.
'I pronounce you both man and woman',said the Priest and he looked at his girl friend in the hands of her husband,indeed he was the best "Best Man"she could ever get.
He remembered his teacher's words, "If someone beats you one side, show the other side...” he didn’t remember the exact lines. But he knew this was Christ's words. He was a very perfect man who doesn’t think any harm to others and for him this is a big sin.

He looked at his mom, she was in tears. She wanted him to be doctor who saves lives. That was her dream which took shape some years back when his father lost his life due to inefficient medical facilities. But today he was getting ready to kill people.

The clock stroke 12, time for him to leave. He bid last adieu to his mom who was smiling now. He might not have fulfilled her dreams but he made her proud. Off marched the brave army man to save his country!!

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Ankur said...

ur writing makes me feel that u r a emotional kind of person, who want to get all the happiness or sorrow at one go.. :) and always makes the reader to read till the final word(as endings r awesome).. :)