Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is Shopping my Hobby?

Well,exactly two years back if someone had asked me this question I would have just laughed at them and told not to waste money on shopping. As in a Calvin strip, where he would meet his past version with the help of a time machine, if ever I get a chance to meet my past I would call her a kanjoos!!! That doesn't exactly mean I didn't spend anything that time. I used to think more than twice before buying anything. But now I guess it had kind of become a hobby for me.I can go to foodworld and spend a lot of time without having to buy anything important, and the worst(or best) part is that I'll still end up in buying something that needn't be very costly still something silly. Also earlier I could never shop alone but now I have started loving that, buying my own dresses and stuff. If you read this and find even a slightest similarity we sure are sailing in the same boat !!! One thing that I would like to tell for all those who love shopping,think at least twice before buying anything which I practice now,and beware if you very badly want to buy something see the price many times that will surely help you to avoid it. I think one shouldn't miss this wonderful feeling and never keep this in the middle of a hectic day if you truly want to enjoy the fun!!!
Happy shopping!!!


Rajeswari said...

Shopping is addictive and believe me "it makes a girl feel happy and good". So just don't think twice before shopping :)...


Ankur said...

ha ha ha.. well u don't think now as u have more money then u can spend... and corporate world is the mainly responsible for making the young generation spendthrif as they pay much above wat he/she can spend(as a single person.. not including the family)

P.S.:-But stil they need to give us a 200% hike in our salary and hey more will be better.. he he he