Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another day

8:00 AM
I got up from my bed,had my usual cup of tea watching the news and guess what the headline was "Ash accompanying Bachans to a Puja in Varanasi"..a nonsense news early in the morning yet !!All of us brag about why they have to make such a hype about these but still its these news that catches our eye easily however we try to deny it :) Gossiping about this for sometime,I headed towards my room,took bath , got ready and now at
9:45 AM
I'm off to my work in my Scooty pep plus!!! Yuck.. a hot day it was ..and bad coincidence.. stoppage at all signals. 10:15 AM I reached office and started my day with ctrl+alt+del.Outlook mail,Y! mail,Gmail,Orkut wow lot of things to browse!!
12:30 PM

Oh It was lunch time already.I kept all the project related work aside to be done "POST"lunch. How did I come to use all these terms.Time and experience in software industry gave these wonders??!!!
1:15 PM

Again back to Y!,Gmail stuff.I did my project related stuff chatting with friends in messenger.Then there was this hustle..a bunch of people shouting inside the work environment.,.How I hate these why dont they talk in a low voice or go to a common area??whatever..

3:30 PM

Tea break and another chat session.

6:00 PM
Time to start. I started in my scooty and reached my place. A little tv,chatting,dinner and well it was time to sleep. Sure time flies. My alarm went at 8:00 AM , huh another day!!!


Anonymous said...

Justification to the Blog's description!

rajeswari said...

Yet another day of a S/W engineer...

Rajeswari said...

Was a good stop by at your blog,ma'am..Keep writing..and there u go..added to my Blog roll :)

Ankur said...

hmmm.. thats the life of REAL s/W prof.. he/she wakes up with OFFICE word in mind and sleeps with the same word in night.. Its the other issue that he/she do anywork seldom... ha ha ha.. :D