Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Fairy tale

The wind was very strong and standing two floors above Shweta could feel it with very hard. Yet she was there, alone-yes alone, she smiled sarcastically. If only he had...

She was still looking at her mobile hoping for that call… but alas it never came. And when she decided that it was time to leave for the good, it rang, one look all her excitement went. ''Shweta have you started for your train?’,’ No ma not yet will start soon', 'Ok take care of all the luggage and give a call after reaching', 'sure ma bye''. Forcing her mind from everything else, she started walking towards her room.

''Hey Shweta, I was searching you for long..Shweta..'',Ignoring her friend she shut herself inside the room crying again. This cant happen to me ,this really cannot how can he do this to me..If only he had..

She began tracing her memories back..the words ..it hit her hard..'Its really not working for us Shweta. I'm really not ready for marriage now , If u cant wait I really cant help, I'm sorry'

'Shweta..we have been telling you about this guy whose parents met us… they really want this marriage to happen soon.. and you know about papa’s health..we are still waiting for your reply.. hope you don't embarrass us..'

Struggling between these two worlds for a long time unable to bear the pressure she decided to move away..she knew that .. even then she hoped for a small twist in the tale like in movies & stories...and now she had realized that such a thing never happens in reality.

''Mama..I'm hungry..'' disturbed by her son..Shweta was back to reality. All seemed to be some dream..the phone call that came just before the train left...the way she canceled her trip .. the marriage..and now seven years later Shweta felt happy to have married the person whom she loved.

"Why are you smiling Mama?" "Nothing Beta, come lets get you something to eat.Your papa will arrive soon.."

Fairy tales do exist, don’t you agree?

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