Friday, November 24, 2006

Bloggers-men & women

Thanks to the NEXT button in, I always have a peek at the neighboring blog and try to analyze or catch some ideas!!
By doing this frequently,I guess its easy for one to distinguish between a male blogger and a female blogger by practice.Apart from the design and content that sharply separates both,one interesting feature is the advertisement.
If you see a lot of Advertisements in the page,that in some cases you have to search the post between the blogs,well you have landed up in a blog written by a male.Till now I haven't crossed any female blog with advertisements and a Google search!! Should we conclude that males are money minded and they find every means to make money?I understand that any male reading this will fire at me :). Well,I'm not concluding anything here ,its just an observation which I found very impressive.
Sure ,Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation!!


Yes I have noticed this too!

As a female blogger I haven't thought about putting ads on my blog!

I treat my blog of a way of expressing myself and staying in touch with people.

Don't think ads really belong on my blog!

Love your blog!

Ankur said...

ho ho ho.. there can be other reason too... BTW shall i interpret that girls are not much interested in money??? don't tell, yes.. that will be the biggest joke on this earth then :P