Monday, November 20, 2006

Manners maketh the man

Lazing away in the house, sick with fever, I was surprised to see the energy with which the house maid was working."Akka" as we call her, does her work with so much involvement that I felt a sudden sheer of disappointment in myself, well have I ever worked this?Its been a very long time.

Moving away steadily, washing the utensils, sweeping the house, taking the mob in one hand she was multitasking very efficiently.And the way she inquired about my health and kept things in place for me, sure I was really touched.

It was then that I realized that I had given her an old handbag of mine that she took for her sister's daughter, so I asked her how the daughter liked it.She told me that as she was leaving with the bag, another lady working in the nearby house had seen it and asked if she would give her this bag as her daughter has just started a new work for which she has been thinking to get a bag from someone.And to this our akka readily gave her the bag & she then told me I was taking for a girl in college but this seemed more genuine to me. Whoever takes it doesnt matter, its anyway helpful!!

Man, I was shell shocked to hear her response. And I wondered yes we do still find people like her.

Hats off to Saraswati Akka.. !!!!

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