Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Down the memory lane

My first story written long time back :)

Down the memory lane..

"Mary had a little lamb" Its me humming while walking through the green rice fields carrying my favorite pink bag now safe in my tight grip.

I passed through that big house - the house which reminds me of "Haunted house" in many stories that I have read. Ok accept it. Mom has told not to tell lies.

That reminds me of the only one story that I have read till now.

Anyway I like that house and the way the creepers climb through the big walls and huge coconut trees that swing with a sound during windy season. But I never like the look of the watch man who always looks with a suspicion whenever we play hide-n-seek around there.

My friend Shalini once told me she saw a big stick in his hands. I wonder why he carries that.

I learn in my school that beating animals is bad. Then how can he ever think of beating children?

May be he didn’t go to school that’s why!!

"Ouch!!! What’s that??"...a small stone on the way.

I moved the stone from the path.

How many people will fall like this? My school miss has taught us about road safety. May be this is not the black road in my home but in Granny's village we don’t see those roads. No big buses also. Granny is always so amused to see those in our home. She can’t survive it. But we are used to anyway and I like Granny this way. The way she tells stories in the backyard. How good they are! She has promised me today she'll tell a story.

And today is special as it’s my birthday :-)

That’s why I'm wearing my pretty new frock with flowers and frills...

And I should Thank God I didn’t fall down else my new dress would’ve been spoiled and mom would be very furious… Mom told me to wear the dress during the party but I wanted to wear now.

I'm supposed to have a small party in the evening and I'm going to cut a cake that dad has ordered from a near by town. There is no cake shop in Granny's village... I’m feeling very proud and happy that people will come to see me, give me gifts…

Hmm.. let me check my bag” “1, 2,3.” That looks fine... everything is there all the gifts I got early in the morning including this bag that Mom gave...my new pen pencil that dad gave...small earrings given by aunt that matched my dress...and now I'll go home and have my favorite sweet which Granny will prepare specially for me...

Do I hear a sound now??!!”

Hmm do I turn around...no. Yes...no...yes.

Oh!! Where did he come from.??”

I never expected him to be here. That too on my very special day...

Ok now what should I do. Should I stand and let him go. Or should I run.

Or Should I try to be brave and confront him.

Its getting late now I'm somewhat near my house. I’m near the pond with so many lotuses.

Now I’m still walking...Going through the small bridge...

I turn back; "Hey he is not there now!!" may be if I run I’ll go into my home and escape him. Once I'm there he can’t do anything. I start running...

What’s this noise...” "Oh …,” he is following me … he has been hiding from me.

I run... he also runs...I run faster he also run faster through the fields, in the muddy road... near the banyan tree...crossing the temple.

I’m about to reach my home but he is very near. He could touch me now...Ok now is the time...

I walk through the gate and enter house...I don’t even know whose house... I tried to close the gate I couldn’t I ran inside the house..

There comes some familiar figure. Do I know her??Oh yes. Its Sharadha Aunty I run towards her...She sees me...sees him...takes a stick and shoos him away..

I go inside and look through the window as the big dark dog walks away...I'm still panting...but I carefully kept all my gifts intact.

Now I think may be I should’ve listened to mom and not worn my new dress.

He is jealous of my new dress!!

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