Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The scream was deafening as he paced through the graveyard, alone in the chilly cold night. He felt as if she was screaming right beside him - he could never forget her last cry. His body smelled of blood and even in the little light from the half-lit moon he could see the blood stains on his shirt. Sweat dripped from his forehead like rain water, sadly strange in such weather. He shivered and feared for what he had done a couple of minutes back and this increased his pace. Suddenly he realized that he was being followed but he could not find the courage to turn. But the rustling sound of the leaves made him to panic and in an instant he looked back.

He had been very nervous and his face showed it. He had worked hard to reach here and now he had to face the reality. His expression changed from fear to a smile and then laughter as he heard the huge applause. This was his first shot as an actor.


Girish said...

nice way to start off ur blog.. gud one.. :-)))

charu said...

nice one on books and good intro on the actor's first shot...!!