Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Books do wonders

Books they can bring the deep emotions of a person. Personally books mean everything to me. Its the one thing without which I can never sleep, be it a novel or a magazine or a comic-I love them all! They make me forget the present; especially my worries and I travel with the character. I can be a journalist, a simple school teacher, a successful lawyer, a bloody boss and roam around in Paris, London, an english country side, and even attend a spectacular Hollywood VIP party. I feel joy, sorrow, anger, hatred but end with happiness. That’s what I like the best :)!!
But then it can also be depressing if you pick up the wrong book at the wrong time of your life and add fuel to the existing dull mood.
A well written book is incomparable with any glamorous movie.

Never regret to be a bookworm ;) !!

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Virabrahmam said...

I know you are a book worm ;)..
Hmm... but i don know that u will be totally involved into their characters(like a person who roams around in Paris,London etc)..

The way you have written overhere is extremely good.. Keep it Up!!

And also you should not keep ur life reading them you have to write too :)...

Anyway, we all will start reading books... hmm lets see whether we involve into them, roam around atleast Chennai ..and walk on Bay Of bengal....and cry if there is any tsunami chasing us :)

Alright!! Can you suggest any good books that made you interesting to read it completely till end..

Its not only nice to start but very informative too :-)
Great Going... Ciaaaa

Happy New year..