Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New year Resolutions

"Whats your new year resolution ? " is a very common question that we see nowadays.Why do people take resolutions every year ?
Any new year brings a lot of hope for us.We wish all our unfilled dreams get filled this year.We try to forget all those bad paths we crossed and travel a new path ahead with vibrant energy.Time is very precious yet we celebrate the loss of a whole 365 Days and yes a quarter too. But why !!! At least in this occasion all for us are really very optimistic and hope for the best which is yet to come.

It is impossible to erase the ugly things we did last year and the wounds caused by it. But its clearly possible to avoid it happening in the next year .This thought led to resolutions that people talk year after year. It may be a very trivial one or a challenging, bold one, but do we really mean what we tell? Is it really a practical resolution which can be accomplished? Sadly,for many of us the answer is a NO.

A resolution should come directly from the heart of any individual clearing understanding why he/she is making the resolution. At the end of year if we see that we have followed it through that year then isn't it a good year?
Now,do I have a resolution? Yes I do have and its one after nearly 4 years and sure I intend to stick to it :)
Happy new year to all and good luck to your resolutions !!!


Chottu said...


SO whats your resolution? Good to see that you have a blog.

Anonymous said...

no updates???