Monday, February 5, 2007

Jacks n Jills

Its a day which we look forward to always since school times and the urge is more for people who work.Its Friday -my favorite day of the week,colorful bright and cheerful.The second of February was one such day and it was a different one which took me back to my kid days.
We had competitions exclusive for the kids of our colleagues.Initially I was bit reluctant to attend due to my work which always seem to be more on a Friday.Seeing the innumerable reminders from organizers to cheer up and my work ending soon I landed up with the others to watch the show. Wow.. I wonder why I had decided not to attend.. !! Kids are kids.. and they steal the show wherever they go.
There was so much enthusiasm among the cute little ones and the aroma filled the whole room.In the middle of fancy dress competition two kids started playing in the center of the stage.It was quite hilarious and there were loud cheers for one small girl who danced wonderfully to a tune.
I had done quite the same in my parent's offices.Back then it was different as you will see all big people around you and you always search for your mom or dad among the crowd. Now I felt different in the sense I felt kind of re-energized to see the kids perform.
It was totally a fun filled day. And yes with the topping being the free cake and chips ;) !!

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