Tuesday, February 6, 2007


For some reason I was very gloomy last night.My body also acted weirdly and added more effect to this.I started from work at around 6 in the evening and waited for half an hour to get an auto.Ironical, that I failed to bring my own Scooty yesterday. After the usual bargain,auto's petrol filling and thanks to the heavy traffic I reached my place only at 7:15.

Strangely my roommate was also in same mood or so I felt.But she might have simply felt tired cause she slept very soon.Anyway I turned console towards my FM radio.Now I did feel proud to own my Nokia 6030 mobile which I had been cursing quite a few occasions for the navigations.
After nearly so many days I slept quite early @ 10'O clock. I sure didn't feel sleepy today morning having put in so many hours of sleep.But didn't feel much energy also.

My gloom mood continues..mad


Virabrahmam said...

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Anonymous said...

so atleast did u get a mood break now ?