Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Award time

S4n705h here has given me this award which says "Fucking Fabulous Blog ". This award comes with some rules with it that I have copy pasted below :D
  • Put the image on your blog
  • List 10 truths about yourself
  • Give the award to 5 other people
  • Provide meaningful quotation
So here goes the image,

Before revealing my truths, I would bend a little and provide my quotation first,
"Where there is a will there is sure a way, no matter how thorny "
This is my twitched version of our good old saying. Somehow I have a strong belief in this !!
Here comes my disclosure
  1. I cant keep my hands off my hair especially the strands that fall on my face
  2. I'm totally totally afraid of dogs..I simple run a mile when I see one.
  3. Tender coconut is my favorite drink .. I have them daily.
  4. I'm kind of superstitious.. I believe in lucky dress,lucky day stuff and read my sun sign daily.If its a good one I register it but if its a bad one I say that these things dont work!
  5. I use a tongue cleaner daily when I brush..its an old habit that followed.
  6. If I happen to take a stroll at night and see innumerable stars , I try to figure out the only two constellations I know - the big dipper and the hunter and ask people to appreciate it :)
  7. I used to have big time crush on cricketer Ajay Jadeja!
  8. I dont use the dictionary mode in my mobile for typing messages.I got used to being without it which is why my messages look like ,"I'm dne.shall v go?", "rchd" ,"Il c u trow" etc.
  9. I dont wear lipstick no matter what the occasion is! my wedding was an exception.
  10. I was supposed to sing "Chubby cheeks, dimple chin" in a rhymes competition with my cute little doll as a prop but I landed up singing a popular movie number on the stage. The audience had a good time & I rose to fame.

And I pass on the award to,
Devil's Advocate
Jolly Roger


posso said...

award (name) looks fantabulous ;)
where from do you get such things? weird lol

JollyRoger said...

Thanks for the first ever award!!!

Devil's Advocate said...

Thank you for the award.. :P

PurpleHeart said...

Yea, I remember your crush on Jadeja in school days! :) Lipsticks are sticky, have u tried lip gloss with balm. They are great. And LOL for 10. ! :)

PurpleHeart said...

I thought I posted a comment ! :( :(

Santosh said...

That was fast. you are the first one to write a post about it.

I too fear dogs, and use tongue cleaner. :)

BTW my log address is http://krishnausha.com and not blogger.com/s4n705h

posso said...

thanks for waking me up. I've put something in return in my blog - not sure if you saw it already lol.

Anonymous said...

Test comment with new id :)

PurpleHeart said...

Buck up, Gomz. High time you though about the next one...:)

Daisy Blue said...

Thanks for the wake up call Sandhya... will wake up soon :)