Monday, July 13, 2009

A refreshing break

Three months !! Yeah..its quite a long break.But with many things to trace back, I'm sure I could be excused.
I was on a vacation, out of the country, accompanying J on his onsite assignment.I happened to be the wifey sitting at home, cooking,trying new dishes and watching endless sitcoms.It was really the best time of my marriage life,no work, no tension & all cool.
Oh did I say that we went to the States, Detroit to be specific?
"Detroit is not a very romantic place to celebrate your 1st anniversary.. but it is still a change of place" said the guy at my dependent VISA interview.Sure.. Detroit is very boring..but Niagara is not & thats where we celebrated our first wedding anniversary :) !!
And thats the Niagara, all illuminated and glowing. It is a must watch place and if ever you get a chance to go there, take a good three or four days break and enjoy its beauty from the Canada side.
I got so addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and with the show aired in different channels I looked like a typical Indian wife sitting in front of soap operas.And now I'm happy that I made J one too. We got all the episodes and never fail to watch them daily.
I have a big regret though! I bought this new book by Sophie Kinsella , "Remember Me" to accompany me on my Journey from India. Sadly I left the book for a place in the flight & the worst part is that the book is still unfinished :(
Let me end the post with the beautiful New York,
I just couldnt stop visualizing Kamal Hassan & Jothika when I was walking through the streets. Thanks to Manjal Veyil from Vetaiyadu.


Santosh said...

my greeting on your marriage anniversary. Hope you celebrate more of anniversary and each time in a new country.

ARUNA said...

hey belated wishes on ur anniversary! Hope you had a nice time!