Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little somethings

We don't always need a big feast or a beautiful cruise to bring a cheer. Just wondered all the teeny tiny things that make my face like this :-)

You are in the middle of a deep slumber and you wake up and check the time. It shows 3:00 am & you know that your alarm points 7:00 am. You bury under the covers happily !
Little did you know then that your alarm would fail to work & give you a rush

You have a very important meeting conflicting with your holiday plan. You are pondering hard to come to a conclusion when luck strikes you and postpones the meeting.
You later come to know that your holiday plan also gets postpones to the same day !

You talk a lot about an old memorable movie & wish you could watch, when you hear know that it is aired in TV today.
You start to watch it with so much fun,suddenly the cable gets cut and all you can hear is white noise.

You are very much engrossed in a murder mystery book when the power goes off. You curse the EB guys when you learn that it will be shut down for the whole night. But surprisingly only your street is spared.
Your happy reading all comes to an end when the important pages of the book go missing!

You scold your mom for forcing you to accompany her for this boring wedding when suddenly a good old aunt introduces you to a charming cute guy.
A second later she also introduces you to the beautiful model like wife of his.

and there goes my poor face like this :-( !


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Scribbler :) said...

Couldn't agree more...the "charming" men are all "taken" :(

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