Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I were a baby again

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I heard the alarm say "Tring Tring..Tring Tring.." I'm confused, is it not supposed to say "Cuckoo Cuckoo" like I configured that day with so much pain. Damn you electronics! Time to wake up and put on my kettle to boil. Thank god it is a weekend!

I'm feeling lifted, this feels damn good. Yeah like in a smooth roller coaster.. Hmm.. heavenly... Huh there is mom. She is looking very pretty today. Oh yeah I'm not wearing my contacts !
Excuse me did I say mom? Isnt she supposed to be sitting in India probably cooking a good dinner. Oh man sometimes I can be very dreamy or may be I'm not.I'm wearing a frilly dolly dress and looking like a ...errr..BABY!!

Should I say yipee or should I cry. And let me see .. the calendar shows 1983 !
(And yeah there goes my age..)
Whew you daisy blue so much for suggesting the topic!

Now that I'm a baby,I might as well as enjoy this. What more, I am a collaboration of 2009 in 1983.
So here I am, being pampered by well,  whew, so many people in here. Looks like so much fun,with balloons all over. Wonder what this is all about. May be a party !

Oh there comes my Grandmom, wish she was alive now. She used to give me the best sweets ever. 
By the way thats my name in the wall.. and its a birthday banner. How stupid of me not to notice the date in the calendar. Its my day.. Hurray !!!

This feels so nice and here is my uncle taking my pictures in a Kodak camera. Here comes my dad with his big mustache.And thank god he took that away in the later years.

I cant recognise many people here. I'm not supposed to recognise right? I'm a baby.

What is that big lady doing in here? Oh no dont feed me , my stomach feels heavy. No no..Please..Oh oh..Yuck ! I'm sorry..but you didnt leave me any choice other than puke!

Hmm.. this is exciting , 
I can do whatever I want ,yet noone looks at me weirdly. 
I eat what I want and I do not bother if I'm fat.
I dont have to strain my legs and walk miles, someone is always there to carry me.
May be I dont wear what I want, but definitely I talk what I want.
No exams,no resumes and no emails.
No cellphones ringing,no laptops clicking and no TVs yelling.I can really live without these.

Life is going good.
Hey I'm cutting a cake, its not a black Forest or a Dark chocolate its a simple plain vanilla cake with a candle on it. And here comes my first doll.
Its lovely and I am the princess.

"Cuckoo..Cuckoo" there goes my alarm.I get up and put my kettle on.
"Hey you have got cake on your face. Where did you go,a birthday party?" J asks.
"May be.................????? " I reply back with a perplexed smile.

P.S : This short fiction is inspired by the movie "17 Again"

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Ocean Girl said...

This is Look Who's Talking! I love it.

Psych Babbler said...

Good one! Really enjoyed it...I contemplated the whole going back in time thing but didn't end up doing it.

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

OMG!!! An awesome dream but yet I wish we could be like the movie The curious case of Benjamin Button

Anonymous said... would be much better if I were a baby all the time...
a very nice post..

PS: gimme some time i would be on a cruise to rest of your blog soon...

Shilpa Garg said...

Cool! You went down the memory lane!!
Sure, life as a baby is exciting!
Interesting post!! :)

Diwakar Sinha said...

very nice :)

Dreamer said...

hahaa .. nice one di.. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely fiction its such a pity all of this happens in dreams only and in reality if we had a time machine and could go back to those days :D

Miss_Nobody said...

Loved it!And I love your template

Prashant Mehta said...

Nice way of presenting the going-back-in-time part. Loved it.

Daisy Blue said...

@OCean girl I have to check on that..

Chetan said...

you hoo
no cell phones, no tv yelling
no resumes no emails

beautifully written

Shankar said...

hey.... really nice post..daisy.... I like the way u started it... and the way u ended it.. nice one.. all the best..

Aneet said...

@Daisy Blue

No, I don't have any feelings, positive or negative, about the topic. I happen to experiment with all forms of expression when I write. Sometimes I am as cute as a rainbow while at other times I am downright evil!

Daisy Blue said...

@Psych Babbler
Thanks a lot.. I guess everybody's thoughts are different..yours was perfect too

Daisy Blue said...

@ Rajalakshmi Umapathy
I'm yet to see that movie!

Daisy Blue said...

Thanks and take your own time :)

Daisy Blue said...

@ Shilpa Garg , @ Diwakar Sinha,@ Dreamer
Thanks everyone!

Daisy Blue said...

@ dmanji
Yeah even I dream of having a time machine!

Daisy Blue said...

@ Miss_Nobody
I love that you like my template :D

Daisy Blue said...

@ Prashant Mehta ,@ Chetan,@Shankar
Thank you people.

Daisy Blue said...

@ Aneet
Thats fine Aneet.. I believe we all are.. :)

Niharika said...

Cute post. Loved it.

Harsha Chittar said...

i liked your post, really sweet one. i like the way you written the post, good one.

Vipul Grover said...

Hey a nice topic and a nice post DB :)
U wove a really cute story thr..
nd yeah thnx 4 sharing ur age :p

Karthik said...

Loved it! :-)
Your wonderful narration made all the difference.
All the best!

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

I thought I visited all but had missed your post ! Sorry..

First of all thanks for suggesting a topic so full of possibilities that let the inner kid in us come out :-)

Sweet post.That's a nice dream to have especially if you can take back stuff from it ! -- the cake on the face :-) when you woke up.

Unless of course J heard you sleep-talking and decided to mess with your mind and the cake on your face was not from 1983 :-)

Shruti said...

Hey cute fiction! Even i wrote a fiction! That finish with the cake piece on face was too good :)

PurpleHeart said...

Happy first birthday, cute baby !!! I could picturise all your family in the party, except for your granny (don't think I have met her).

ARJuna said...

Cutely narrated, witty and humorous all at the same time...whew!!!
The trip into childhood was short and sweet not much details and yet so beautifully crafted!!!
Great going.
P.S. Love your blog theme!!!

Anonymous said...

you have written it soo sweetly. This is the best part about being a kid "No exams,no resumes and no emails." :D I dont remember what I felt during my first bday but I can picturise it after reading your post :) Good one!

Makk said...



You write good.

Keep Smiling!

ηανєєη said...

17 again was a gud movie ... n this posts is in that same league ..keep it up

aativas said...

Yes, it is lovely to be a Princess! 'Princess Again' if I may say so...

neeraj said...

@Vipul - I believe DB said it's a fiction! Must not be the real age!!!! Hahahaha... Just kidding!
I liked the narration!

Bharathi said...

nice natural story. Good work pal.

Daisy Blue said...

@Niharika @Harsha @Karthik
Thanks for the appreciation :)

Daisy Blue said...

Thanks & check out Neeraj's comments.. it is still a fiction ;)

Daisy Blue said...

I was expecting your comment here & you got me late :)

ARJuna said...

Thank you for your wonderful feedback...on my blog post. Keep coming readers like you keep me motivated to blog on!!!

Daisy Blue said...


I'm glad that you are able to picturize :)

Witty & Humorous ..Hmm thats nice :)

Daisy Blue said...


Thanks all!

Daisy Blue said...

Quivering? I hope it means good :)

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

Sorry Daisy, Honest mistake. You were one of the first commenters on mine and I missed !

I'll make up to you by commenting on at least 3 of your past posts (of course after reading it :-) )

Dreamer said...

Wonderful imagination. It's such fun to imagine a baby's thoughts being articulated. Thats why "Look who's talking" remains one of my favorite movies :)

Mahesh Kalaal said...


It is bit special as it is being written by the person who suggested the topic.

Neatly crafted post with fun flavours

No exams,no resumes and no emails.
No cellphones ringing,no laptops clicking...
Yeah, i do wish the same.

As i dont know how to read such type of posts/narrations, i could not abstract total summary. But, i liked it in parts. I will read it again to grasp it completely

Anonymous said...

true reflection of a baby's thoughts on her bday