Friday, November 20, 2009

Moving around the Earth !

Couple of our friends moved to Atlanta, LA and Texas all scattered across the same country!

These days moving does not seem to be such a big problem with Los Angeles Office Movers or any Movers featured in your local area listing.
You call these guys , pay some cash and you sit back and relax. The job is done neatly without mess and most importantly- tension free.
But I remember those days when we had to dedicate couple of days or weeks sometimes packing and dusting..whew! 
Am I glad to say "Gone are those days!"

With my dad being in a highly transferable bank job, we had to shift from places to places every three years or so. Thats how I ended up being in 6 schools in my 12 years !!

When I entered my college , I used to envy people who went to the same school year after year and had a tearful farewell at the end.

I did have the advantage of having many friends in different locations. Yet it is no fun at times when you are not able to meet them often.
Being a kid gives you lot of privilege as we know ;).. no worries regarding any movement. Remember when mom used to tell me to pack up my toys and dresses , but sometimes I do procrastinate and finally my parents used to do on their own. 
(There are times that I am a good girl too ! )

Now that I think of it, man that would have been really tough for them to manage.
Wish there were more movers then . I could have helped by calling them..hehehe :)

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Mona said...

Yeah... I can relate to this, though I shifted houses and not cities. It is a uphill task. India has some Movers but it will be sometime before they turn professional and to reach the common man

Haddock said...

6 schools in 12 years?
That must be a real experience.
But then you get to meet different cultures and make new friends (and try to keep tag on the old ones, who slowly fade away)

Devil's Advocate said...

haha - u can ask the movers agency to pay you money for advertisement.. ;-)

yeah - I know what it is like changing the school every 2-3 years.. now If I look back - I have only couple of friends from school and loads from the college and numbing figure from the company... hahaha