Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome 2009 !!!

Happy new year 2009

Finally I have dusted my blog and penned down my first post of the year :-)
I wanted a very refreshing and energizing theme to kick start and yup was not disappointed. The theme from btemplates was just the one I needed!!

J and I celebrated the n
ew year's eve quietly in the hills of Munnar and eating the first cake of the year,

Back home, we started our morning walks in a near by park. A group of "senior citizens" practice their yoga under a tree,people play shuttle & they are more interested in their outfit than their game.Few folks gather around and start their laughter therapy like in Munnabhai in Hindi or Vasool Raja in Tamil.Poor fellows!! No fun in their lives that they do have to gather and generate laughter.

Ive started my cooking and that implies cooking recipes on my blog soon :)
Rangolis that decorate our house paths are coming to an end with Pongal(Sankaranthi) and thus the goes daily fun.

A.R Rahman has got the Golden Globe Award and brings laurel to the country.

Those of you in Chennai, I suggest you go and have a look at Chennai Sangamam before it ends. It is really a good initiative to all the artists across the state and a worth watching.


Santosh said...

Happy new year to you. The pic of the box looks like laughing face. (don't know it its my hyper imaginative power)

eu tu cooking. so here is the reason of the tip at my blog :P

Munnar is surely a place to and i am yet to go there. :(

Chriz said...


wow.. i got ur link again now.. am glad...

thanks for coming to my page.. i wouldnt have got this link ...

Sangamam! heard its going great..

and yeah I had goosebumps when AR rahman got the award...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi,first time here..looks you have been off blog long time..Yes Chennai sangamam is really refreshing and with me living near the beach ,walking into one of the numerous venues has always been a pleasure
Thanks for visiting my blog

anits said...

hi daisy blue..nice blog u hv...hpy new year to u..n happy ponggal as wel...tcare

Daisy Blue said...

Yeah indeed it is :-) !!


Daisy Blue said...

@Compassion Unlimitted
Yes..had been idle for too long.. !!!


Belle1979 said...

Happy New Year to you too! Even your blog looks lovely with the flowers on it. But I would like to know your comments on my posts as well.

JollyRoger said...

Happy new year! Good place to go with a loved one.

Missed the Sangamam this year, thankfully caught a few glimpses on TV but nothing like the real thing

Glad I found your link again