Friday, January 16, 2009

Expressions - 01

Expressions refer to a fiction series in this blog. This is the first part in the series.

"Look at her tiny
hands..there she is holding me adorable..Ummaahh"

" many times have I told you not to kiss her.. "
"Its okay honeybun know that my mouth is as fresh as a flower.. dont worry.." "There pants are wet again!!.. "

"Hahaha..that was a naughty little revenge for your daughter knows how to tackle her father already"

"No sweetheart that's my daughter.. my sweet Anjana..Anju"

" selfish idiot.. its our daughter & her name is not Anjana remember agreed to keep it as Aradhana.. & call her Dhanu.."

"No Anu... we still have to work on that.. and by the way dear.. one way she is your daughter..look at her yawning... lazy sleeper like you.. "
" need a good thrash "

Sidharth smiled looking at the picture he had clicked then.He had a very vivid memory.

Anu looked very beautiful that day with her loose hair & motherly look she looked like an angel.Little Anju was lying in her pink bed in her pink dress amidst pink pillows, all pink as decided and decorated by Anu!!

Sidharth still felt pride in winning the name Anjana...ofcourse he knew that Anu wouldn't want him to lose anyday. But now..after such long time with Anju in KG-I.. he has been defeated... and deserted.


Chriz said...

haha... different stages in life.. am also gonna get married soon.. and have kids ..

sweet one gomz

Zee said...

ouch! :(

Jean said...

Fathers do get real worked up when their little girls have to go to school, don't they?

I really don't understand why!

JollyRoger said...

True story?

Ur story?

Santosh said...

i am yet t find out the meaning f this post. hope that its just a story.

Daisy Blue said...

Congrats Chriz.. who is that unlucky girl ;)

Nope ouch will change!!

Daisy Blue said...

Hmm Yet to explore that..

Nope it is not my story..its a fiction

Yup it is a story..there is no real meaning :-)

PurpleHeart said...

Hmm...looks like you are waiting to enter this phase..:)Nice to see your fictions in action again! And yea, I think we are all slowly waking up from the hibernation. From Scribblings to blooms is definitely a leap ! Cheers Gomz !

Daisy Blue said...

:-).. different stages of really amazing..

Anonymous said...

so sweet :) loved ds .. thanks fr the visit to my blog !

Honey Bee said...

Chriz: Before you think of getting married, have you ever thought if any girl is ready to get married????

Daisy Blue: I love your template. Its super cool. Good. And I already love it. Tell me how you did this. I want to revamp the look.

Now about the post. I wanna sleep and really want to know if some one is ready to adorn me like her.

Devil's Advocate said...

aaha.. some nick names are coming out inadvertently or either inspired by Hollywood.. :P

And grrrrrrr... complete the story.