Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence Day!

Is really a good day for people like me who stay away from home.
You just need to do a mix & match with this holiday & yup you will end up having a wonderful vacation (Just like I extended weekendrazz)

Well,we actually live in an era
  • that would have been absent but for the pool of blood shed
  • where we are having the first woman President
  • where we celebrate the anniversaries of blasts
  • where we have Indian companies listed in NASDAQ
  • where Indian songs are listened worldwide
  • where our "cabinet fights" by politicians are aired all over the world
  • where we have films competing for the Oscars
  • where not a single day passes without some brutal murder
  • where our sports folks are making a mark
  • where the number of NRIs are trying to outnumber the RIs
  • where our yogas & asanas are in great demand
  • where engineers are charged for terrorism(& a failed one too)
  • where we are the largest democratic nation
  • where we still hold our only wonder
And on this 60th Independence day, I did the onething that I never do. I initiated a forward message "Happy 60th Independence day" & sent to a couple of fellow people.

Yes, I'm proud to be an Indian and the least I could do is blog about that.

Watch this amazing song by AR Rahman


Devil's Advocate said...

he he he... ;)

ScRiBbLeR said...

"he he he" for this too.. !!!!

PurpleHeart said...

Did u watch the latest videos of the National Anthem by prominent musicians, composed by AR Rahman ? There was also an AR Rahman Independence day special at 10:30 on CNN IBN

Zee said...

why are people going he he he???

maverick said...

wasn't sure if those points were good or sarcastic, neways true they are. i like the pic too, was it for this years independence day?

The Mahathma said...


ScRiBbLeR said...

Are you mentioning the song Ive posted??
No I missed that.. :(

Even I'm surprised..

No that was not for this years..well,those points were facts..

@The Mahathma

chronicwriter said...

bharath mummy ki jai

Honey Bee said...

Scribbler: Things you purposefully avoided
where indian cricket is able to make a win
where the uniformly all politicians target only the Vote Bank
where the country was ready to accept a foreign born person for the highest post
where Chess, Squash, Shuttle Cock have not got its due recognition even if it has got world records
where the female fetuses could be found in garbage
ooopssssssss the list goes on and on....

ScRiBbLeR said...

Felt that the single line about sports & murder was sufficient,.
But yeah.. I forgot to mention the foreign power..!!
And yes..the list is endless & so I stopped :D