Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love is life

It was a very small room & the sun rays from the comparatively large window illuminated it brightly. The single cot in the corner of the room was piled with bunch of clothes and books. The shelf beside the bed was hidden in dust accumulated over the months. One should have a really powerful microscopic eye to realize the artistic works on the wooden door that covered it.

A broken mirror was hanging in the wall and ants were crawling to make an outline of heart around it. There was an A4 size poster with the words “LOVE IS LIFE” scribbled in a very large odd unattractive font.

A large table occupied rest of the space and stood strong near the window. An old night lamp, few papers, a cigarette stub & a pen indicated some activity in the otherwise lonely gloomy looking room.

The pen was lifted by a hand that hesitated a moment. It took a paper and started writing

Dear My dear love,

No one has loved me so much. You are the best that has ever happened in my life.You have been very supportive in all my endeavors.

Yet I’m a failure today and I am really ashamed to be in such a position.As you read this letter, I would be out of reach very far from you.Yes my love, I have decided to take my life. I’m unable to satisfy you and I feel like a hurdle in your life.Wish you find a better match and lead a happy life like you always wanted.
Do not take pains to have a glimpse of me dear for I’m leaving dying without any trace in your life.

Your unlucky lover”

The hand now took another paper, tapped a little on the table and started writing again,

Dear My dear love,

No one has loved me so much. You are the best that has ever happened in my life.You have been very supportive in all my endeavors.

And today I’m coming to you as you had wanted. Yes my love, as you read this letter I miss you very much. We will lead a happy life in your beautiful house and travel the globe as you had always wanted.

Your lucky loving lover”

Having accomplished the task, the victorious hand sealed the former letter in an envelope addressed to Miss Rose,London and the latter addressed to Mrs.Lawrence,Sydney.

Yes, love(of money) is life.


s4n705h said...

loved the letters. how few words can changes the whole meaning of a sentence(letter).

But what do these two letters mean? i am still confused.

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hey thanks for that feedback..added a n extra line hope its clear now!!!

Honey Bee said...

Goody Goody Goody...

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thank u thank u thank u

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Hey, you have a present at my blog.

The Mahathma said...


ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks for the present

@The Mahathma

PurpleHeart said...

Cool ! :)

Day Dreamer said...

wish I could be like that guy!! sigh :-(

The Mahathma said...

why scribbler why!

im planning to stalk you from today!

ScRiBbLeR said...


@Day Dreamer
Do you really wish !! ;)

@The Mahathma
Why?!I thought you would want to do that ;)
Let me know when you start your stalking!!!!

vigneswaralu said...

money is not everything in life.. afterall there r persons like bee who gift me with out bothering about the money...

ScRiBbLeR said...

Chill out..!!
The hand in my story doesn't think so :)

chronicwriter said...

thank you for the advice.. nice tips like this will enhance my future

ScRiBbLeR said...


The Mahathma said...

sorry! i thought it was rachel wiesz' blog

The Mahathma said...

ive been stalked the last 5 i need to see how it feels to actually be the stalker

Jude said...

scribbler, you're breaking my heart

JollyRoger said...

Gr8 post! True story? ; )

s4n705h said...

ya now it makes more sense.

ScRiBbLeR said...

@The Mahathma
Someone stalked you?


Haha nope ;)

Hmm ..