Monday, August 6, 2007

Fifth Sense

The sky looked like a bunch of oranges thrown together. The sun very oddly, peeped from it like a giant yellow mango. The green grass meadows bathed in the little droplets of water from the sky.
In such a confused weather, the rainbow was smiling widely with all its colors!!

Little Jack was unaware of all these beauties around him. He could feel the rain, smell the dampness and hear the chirping of birds but he was unable to see neither the VIBGYOR nor the bright violent sun.
Yes, being blind wasn’t easy.

He was walking with his action shoes, slowly yet steadily. He tripped & fell down once, twice but never gave up his courage. He proceeded on & on like a true warrior.

In a few moments he would have reached the top of the hill & he clearly knew what to do then. He had been apprehensive initially as the risk seemed to be very huge. But the result overpowered all the pains to be taken.
Twelve year old Jack’s small little body looked like a dwarf compared to the huge isolated landscape. His mom would be furious & mad; he knew that.
Yet he decided to take this and puzzle her.

It was getting damper .The sun vanished from the view like magic and so did the rainbow.
He reached his destination and stood like a pillar for a few seconds.
Finally raising his hands like a bird, he ripped off his blind fold and looked at the spectacular sight ahead.
Then he stood there waiting for his friend whom he had just defeated in the bet.

Indeed pretending to be blind wasn’t that easy.


PurpleHeart said...

I used to get blindfolded all the time when i used to play with mom inside my home and would trip, every single time !

s4n705h said...

touching story.. Loved the friendship part.. nice description!!

vigneswaralu said...

Very advanced style of writing... you hav got urself a fan... looking fwd to more of this sort..

chronicwriter said...

have you seen the movie,"colors of paradise"

ScRiBbLeR said...

I don't remember me tripping :)

Thanks! But friendship part ..?!I'm surprised that you liked by a single line..scanning in depth nice.. :)

Thank u.... :)

No havent !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hey guys,
I intended to keep the story positive this time!!

Zee said...

very nice :)

Zee said...

and of scent of a woman.....ok i'm getting carried away!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks :)
Yes that Ad is so cute.. scent of a Woman mm .. :)
Nice to hear that..

chronicwriter said...

yes indeed, he liked black.. check out for my previous blog @

chronicwriter said...

that movie is simply awesome.. if you get to see it, do not miss out..

ScRiBbLeR said...

Will surely watch that movie. !
"punnaakumaama" why on earth this name!! and yeah I checked that black..

Devil's Advocate said...

hey ur writing is getting better day by day.. and words selection is just awesome...flow of the story is professional.. great.. [:)]

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks :)

Day Dreamer said...

So I ll try a Fifth Sense-2 ;-)
Jack was waiting for his friend and at last his friend came..guess who it is.. Jill!!!!.. so on the way back Jack blind folded Jill and walked in front of her..after some time Jill slipped..fell on Jack..and they came down tumbling after!!!! (phew!! been a long time since I said a rhyme)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hahaha ..
For once you are back to kidage :P