Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A different look

My blog has a new look now,having spent some good amount googling! It was not an easy task arriving at this template;I have a very poor knowledge in blog designing.Having read & heard from people that wordpress offers better designs than blogger I signed up a wordpress account . My first concern was if it was possible to move my old posts and links from blogger to wordpress? After searching a bit I found that yes,it was very much possible and cool all my posts got transfered just like water flowing from one cup to another!
Next, comes the design part. As mentioned in each and every page I read about wordpress there are plenty of designs compared to And after trying almost everything, I finally settled with this one.
Then came the problem which I found very dissatisfying since I had put a good amount of effort in wordpress!! There is no option where you can edit your template to change your fonts or rearrange your elements.Simply you cant touch the html code! I'll list the reasons which made me to stick to
  • Fonts and colors can not be changed
  • Page elements can not be rearranged
  • Though there are huge templates ,to find one meeting all the requirements is difficult.
  • Using a custom image is also pretty lousy as the image places are always horizontal and lengthy.
I went no further than this to waste anymore time. So I quickly learned from blogcrowds about the new template designs available.Though they are not as vast as wordpress, they are customizable in every inch.Even a novice like me who does not have much knowledge in html or css can easily edit the code using the online help.
So thats my blog's new look , customized according to my needs.Simply and neat as I want !!
And the new addition is the scripting in हिंदी!

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Anand said...

you can put template of your choice also.. there is no compulsion to choose from existing one.. you just copy the html code and paste it in html area.. and ur template will be up and running.. enjoy.. happy blogging.. :)