Monday, March 12, 2007

Little droplets make Ocean

How many of you reading this have been to Landmark?If yes, have you seen a small little box placed in all the bill counters?If someone asked me these Q's I would have also thought as you do now "Box what the heck.. " until this Saturday.
The box might be small but the purpose is very big. Yes they are for people willing to contribute towards charity.As I just dropped my small contribution in it,I noticed that there were hardly 2 other notes and wondered about the average visitors per day to landmark.!! Will this even amount to the 2% ??!
I tried to think in other perspective too;they might have just emptied the box. They could have already got a huge collection!!but, well,truth is sick!
Thinking back ,I noticed this same small box accidentally in Foodworld(spencer's daily) .Why I tell accidently you will know when you see that !!First of all they had kept the box in such an odd out of focus area and then on top it they had piled it up with so many chocolates & goodies!?!

Ok its true that even if 5% people notice these and contribute its great.But will not be better if percentage increases even by 1% ?
Hope the shop owners realize these and give more importance for the placement of these drop boxes. And for us we just need to look beyond the mouth-watering chocolates.
So next time you are in a shop like Landmark you know what to look for! And if you are charity-kind of person you will know how to react!!

You could also be one among the million droplets making the ocean!!!smile

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