Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I wish

On the way to work I wish
  • There is no signal stoppage in the direction I go
  • The sun is partial towards me so that I don't get tanned
  • Sea breeze takes a ride with me
  • All the big buses and trucks vanish
  • The roads look beautiful without any potholes
  • No one yells at me for waiting till the signal turns green
  • No cab driver horns like hell for the few inches of space that I have blocked
  • No dog jumps in front causing me to issue a sudden break
  • There isn't a necessity to wear helmet or gloves or socks
  • Neither my scooty nor me get dirtied with the city dust

1 comment:

Virabrahmam said...

Hei Think!!! This is 2,3,4,5...infinity muchh right?? ;)