Thursday, March 22, 2007


When I bought my helmet almost a year back, I had no idea about them. I just went to a helmet shop in my street & tried different ones.The full closed helmets seemed very suffocating to me and so I ended up with something like this (Pardon me for the flag in the helmet ).Mine is a full black matching the vehicle color !! razz It was not a difficult task; I was easily carried away by the same type that Preity Zinta wears in a Scooty pep + Ad!! Don't ignore the PLUS as many do ; Scooty Pep + is some extra bucks more than Scooty pep! mad
Few months back, I noticed most of the people using something called helmet holder which holds your helmet to the vehicle so that you needn't carry it wherever you go! You can lock it safely too. I realized that I also needed one when one day I forgot to take my helmet while returning from a shop. I was lucky to get it back!!
But alas, I could not get the holder ; reason being that the holder needs a base to hold which is missing in my model !!!Damn, Preity Zinta Ad !! neutralneutral My helmet saga not over yet. Yesterday I went to the same shop in my street ,
Owner : What can I do for you ?
Me : Do you have helmet holders? (trying not to start abruptly ! )
Owner : No sorry madam, not in stock
Me: Err.. mm actually I bought this helmet here. Is it possible to exchange..,,th..

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