Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jane Eyre

Classics, earlier the word would remind me of something as boring as eating a monotonous meal daily!! As always tastes change with time & I have first hand experience regarding that.
So now I'm into a classy mood traveling way back to the 18th century and with this book called "Jane Eyre" by the wonderful lady "Charlotte Bronte".Sadly this is my first classic in unabridged form having been an impatient reader in my earlier days.

The fact that I have started writing about the book even before I have consumed it fully,proves how much I have been moved by Jane Eyre!!
By this I don't just mean
the character but the whole music.Yes thats how I feel,book seem to be a rather dull adjective!!!
At first look the book would seem bulky and disinterest many impatient readers. But every page is a poetry and the author has made a point to cover all forms of emotions - agony,hatred,love,pride,passion,fear & yet to discover more..
I'm no one to write a review for such a wonderful book & about a beautiful ,strong author of whom I have become a great admirer
smile !!
I just leave it to the readers to find more about Jane Eyre & Charlotte Bronte.


anirban said...

I wonder what you mean by "earlier days"!

:: GoMaThY :: said...

Thats meant for the reader to interpret

Twisted DNA said...

I am actually a sucker for classics myself. I read and re-read books like "Jane Eyre", "Pride and prejudice" etc. I know it's not supposed to be a "guy thing" to read them, but who cares!? I really like the books set in Victorian era.

:: GoMaThY :: said...

Very true..
Those unreachable places can be reached only with books..!!!

Devil's Advocate said...

hehehe.. i just hope this is not some sort of ad issue..[;)]