Thursday, May 31, 2007

Marriages made in ??

The other day I saw in a news site about a "Matrimony site" introducing a new feature. All big brags about the development of technology & how efficiently this matrimony site had utilized it.
Let me explain the great feature.They allow you to record your voice & upload it to your profile there. That means instead of just writing "Female,wheatish skin ,tall,pretty.... " you could now tell them with your sweet voice or use a friend who sounds like Shreya Ghoshal.
I just figured out what are the possible things that could be done with these match making sites:
  1. You could send lot of mails to the mail ids listed; out of some 10 atleast two would have given their real id.
  2. You could then send emails & exchange photos.
  3. Later get phone numbers and talk for hours.
  4. Now with the new technology you could use the site itself & load your voice messages.
  5. And finally you could arrange for a date & meet this cute girl/guy.(Thanks to the profile pic you could identify the "cute";unless you are blind,ofcourse)
  6. All this would turn out to be a perfect arrangement if & only if the profiles listed are true.
  7. No harm if it turns out to be fake, you need to just repeat steps 1 to 6 again.
Now do you guys see any difference between this and a guy/girl meeting in a chat room or orkut or even an online dating site??!
Another hypocrisy in our society evil


The Mahathma said...

r u married :p

kiddin :-)

i like the look of ur blog

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation lady

The Mahathma said...


ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks :)
Good to know you found it interesting..

Praveen said...

Try uploading ur voice too.. who knows u may meet ur "Prince Charming" there ;-))

ScRiBbLeR said...

Personal experience ;)