Tuesday, May 8, 2007


There are certain incidents in life which we hear happening only for others.
Today I experienced one such thing!!
I was in the elevator returning from lunch.There were totally around 6 people including me. Just as the elevator started its descend ,BLANK, power cut. Total darkness.No air.Stuck between floors.Emergency button pressed.A bunch of people to the rescue. People pulled out breaking the doors.
But my friends,these sort of adventurous things ,sadly never
happened.Reality was entirely different. This elevator system in my office happened to have an emergency light inside.So darkness prevailed hardly for a second. Thus we were inside a dimly lit space!!Next the elevator tried to reach the nearest possible floor & moved up.Then it stopped & opened its doors for us!!
After all who cares if the elevator is slow, it has a good recovery mechanism!!!razz


Devil's Advocate said...

who is saying elevetor is slow here in office.. its fastest on available in whole chennai(may be T.N.).. :P

By the way it seems you are managing time fantastically(wrt bloggin speed).. y wasting the talent.. ask ur super manager to make you manager.. hehehe.. or something higher then that..

GoMaThY said...

I wish that would consider ur proposal :P