Monday, May 21, 2007

Cheerful Morning

MONDAY, the boring day of the week.I was on my way to work and was caught up in the signal.
A bike in front of me was loaded with a couple & a small kid which sat comfortably on the lady's lap. My deep concentration on the signal got distracted by this kid who waved at me & called "sis" .
Not knowing any other possible good deed of a "sis", I smiled at him.(Its just a him I believe,by the dressing). He smiled back.Now that was getting interesting.I wanted to continue this small play & so I waved at him. He also waved back.We were doing this stuff in a loop, when all of a sudden,he turned and pointed his hand somewhere.

I looked all the way up & then realized he was referring to the plane. He was now clapping his hands in joy.I bet he would have been amused to see a large bird making weird noise in the sky,as much as he was by someone in a scooty with a helmet,gloves,sun glasses(Man, I would have given this poor child a fright!!

Just then the signal turned green and I went ahead telling a sayonara & he went off in search of his next sis or a now a bro?!
This small kid actually wanted to share his happiness genuinely with me;sometimes we need to learn a lot from these small creatures created by God.


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PurpleHeart said...

We incidentally and unfortunately happen to be beings, kids are not too keen about. I always find them more interested about gadgets than they are about us. But the smile on their face when u pamper them and the love they return is to die for ! :-)