Monday, May 21, 2007

New gadget

I have a got a new mobile Sony Erricon k750i,with integrated 2 mega pixel camera, FM radio, MP3 player,blue tooth,infrared... The stuff is pretty cool though it has few disadvantages
  • Its a bit bulky
  • It has to be charged everyday
  • It gets heated at times
And here goes my all time favorite Calvin pasted on my wardrobe door mrgreen


Devil's Advocate said...


Just A Thought said...

You may want to take your phone back or exchange the battery.
I also have a K750i, and the battery lasts very long, even though I use it A LOT. Also none of the heating thing.

ScRiBbLeR said...

Just a thought..
The heating thing I have checked with few other friends its the same,
As for the battery I just reduced my brightness level & its far better now!!
May be you never used Nokia in your life to compare :)