Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Four years =1460 days(Calculating exactly with the quarter day is your pain!!)
What was it like to meet a bunch of people after these many days??That was my thought while attending the class reunion recently.The transformation from an immature student, financially dependent on parents to a responsible mature independent individual ,was seen in each & every person. Some had different hairdo(that included me too.. ),some with contact lens,some with a glass,some thin,some fat(now hope this wasnt me.. ) ,some bald!!

Very few were so different that it took few minutes to identify them.Though a major crowd was absorbed by the booming IT sector,there was a mixture of different fields like electronics,communication ,banks, even a lecturer & a bussiness magnet.
The path they took to attain these obviously vary. Some had to take a long path full of thorns while for others it had been a short rosy one!!

Think of a huge tree that branched out from the base and tried to reach different directions.Some branches stopped growing soon & stood short while few others continued to grow & tried to pierce the far away sky.Some even dared to take an entirely different path from the rest .
Such were the people who sat under the same roof & took similar lessons yet do not posses the slightest similarity in reality(Rhyming...... ) !!

Now I do remember a Calvin quote here, "Reality continues to ruin my life"
Ironic huh?!


Sneha said...

nice. i'm still waiting for my reunion to happen. should be fun then!

Selva said...

Nah...Reunions are not meant for fun...A Tom&Jerry dvd is enough to have fun....Reunions are something more than that...

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hope you have a blast too